Drying room?!

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by Lee321, Aug 16, 2012.

  1. After some advice on drying Room temp/humidity ? Do I leave fans on etc. any advice and ways which work best for u please. :)
  2. From what I've gathered a good temp would be somewhere between 65-75 degrees and an RH of anywhere from 50%-55%.

    My last few harvests I've kept a fan in with them, not pointing directly at them, and I've noticed my plants drying out too fast. Since I've still got other plants that need to continue growing I can't use the grow tent to hang them in, so im using my closest. The closet has its own AC vent so I won't be using a fan there. Hygrometer says it has a temp of 72 and an RH of 53% so I'm happy with that.

    Fingers crossed!! This is definitely the scariest time, all that work that can be ruined at the very end simply because it dried too fast...
  3. If you have a tent just use that. Turn the inline fan on low or medium leave it zipped up and your fine.

    Humidity for a home grower is hard to control but if your living in a modern house you generally are running heat or AC. Running either of those gives you a low humidity since both remove moisture from the air.

    If you have your fan sucking out air then I wouldnt worry about humidity to much.

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