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    There has been 1 plant harvested of 6 total plants that yielded just under 30 grams (pre-dry).

    Of that 30 grams that we are going to dry the absolute correct way until Winter break, we are picking off a blunts worth of it and DeHydrating it in a DeHydrated (of course)

    Has anybody done this before, any results good or bad?


    We have harvested 1/6 plants (prematurely for personal consumption over winter break)

    We are DeHydrating a Cola to basically see what happens and smoke a blunt

    We are looking for anybody that has done this with good or bad results, just because we are curios.

  2. Smoking the blunt now....

    Rolling extremely well, with a nice taste. This has been a success soo far!

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  4. You're not an intelligent person, hopefully you just get high all day. That is all. :smoke:
  5. Fast-drying buds (whether with a heater, in an oven, or with a dehydrator) causes you to lose some potency, primarily via a drastically reduced terpene content, but only a minor reduction in actual cannabinoids.

    You'll notice that stuff you dry properly will be MUCH tastier, and it will have a bigger/stronger kick. But if you really want something to smoke in the meanwhile, there's nothing wrong with sampling a portion a little early.. so don't worry, it's not going to be a total waste of your time :)
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