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  1. hey guys i know that when your hangin your buds to dry they should be in complete darkness, but will it really affect the potency if a little light hits it cuz i have holes and shit in my grow box for air and i dont wanna cover it , thanks
  2. Mine aren't in 'complete' darkness, but they've always come out fine. I don't think they have to be in total darkness like the darkness in the 12/12 cycle. But they aren't in direct light either.
  3. As long as the area is fairly dry, has no continuous light, and is a nice temp of around 40-50 degress F, they will be fine. I often use a shoe box w/ holes cut into it to give some air, place it in a closet where the temps are cooler, and they come out fine.

  4. shit man i dont want it to be that cold i was aimin for 65 to 70 degrees that sounds too cold and i read up a lot about the temps and humidity it should be for dryin and they were from very reliable sights but im sure your method works fine too , thanks for the input guys
  5. 40 degrees? Wow, that's kind of chilly. I'd have to put them in the fridge for that:eek:
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    Plenty of cool air, try to keep the light to a min. Something about light degradation of Cannabanoids or THC. DO NOT quote me on that, but it makes sense to me.

    As your drying progresses (3-4 days), start to close the air current off a bit. After a week, toss it in some mason jars and put them in a cupboard, drawer, anywhere dark. Crack those open once a day for like, 5 weeks. Dank?
  7. So you're saying that your grow box was not lightproof in the first place?
  8. yeah i covered it with a towel and thanks for more info guys
  9. It is not hard to keep air flow at a 40-50 degree F temp. I have an isolated area w/ an air conditioner set to 40, it keeps the dark area set up w/ fans at 40-50 all the time place that with a dehumidifier running it creates a great environment for the flowers to dry. Once well dried, they are placed into sealed jars for a curing period which can be 1-3 months depending on when I want or need it for use.


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