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  1. I have about 3 plants that are about ready to be harvested. I would really like to some how skip the step of hanging the buds to dry for week or 2. Is there a quick easy afective way to dry it another way before curing?
  2. Take your untrimmed branches or plant and hang 3 days upside down in a cool dark space with an oscillating fan on low.

    Buy a pack of brown paper lunch bags. Use a paper shredder (strips not confetti) to shred a can full of strips, or cut a can full of paper bag strips.

    Trim your bud. Place a handfull of strips into a lunch bag, place a loose handfull of bud on top of the strips, add another handfull of strips, then another handfull of bud, then top off with more strips, roll the top of the lunch bag.

    Place the bag/bags of buds into the cool dark place for 2 days.

    Time to rotate: Pull out all the bud from the bags. Put all the bud back into the same bags(or new ones) using the same strips of paper stacked the same way. Place in the cool dark place for another 24-48 hours.

    Place in glass jars and always store your weed in a cool dark place.

    I do it like this every time and the total time to dry is 5 days. Summer or winter I do it the same and it always comes out real nice. The longer it stays in the jars, the better the smoke, but you can smoke it right away if you want.

    Good luck, R.

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