Drying problems please help.

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  1. This is the first year I was able to harvest my plants after many years of Gorilla growing. So I harvested a small plant I had been growing indoors. I got 5 large nugs and one large main cola off it. I trimmed all the leafs off it so it was only false seed pods and hairs. Then I tied em up with string and hung them in a 3 feet wide by 2 feet deep empty side coat closet. I have read a good many articles on drying. So one I read said to leave them 24 hours without a fan then the rest of the time with a fan on low. I tried this with a box fan and this is like I guess the third day and they smell like hay:mad: The fan was on the top shelf blowing against the wall and not the buds. The buds where hung from a metal curtain rod located about 3 feet from the floor. But the buds got enough wind to get a small sway going. The door was closed the entire time and the bottom of the door is about 1 - 2 inches above the swag carpet. I removed the fan a few hours ago. The temps fall and raise when its day and night time. So my question is what am I doing wrong? How can I improve this dry? Will the smell of hay be replaced by the smell of dank?
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    Sorry to double post but I'm gotta say this. I took a super tiny baby bud off that was dry. It was like less than a .001 of a gram with perfect hair color. ( all 4 of them) It gave me a buzz like a blunt of swaggy would;) I smoke alot too, a oz lasts me 2 days;)) so I found another bud this one weighed up .2 with 75% brown to orange and lots of trichomes on it. Forgot to add there sensi with filled pods. It was slighty wet also, ground it up and threw it in my bong and boy I haven't been this high in a very long time.

    Weed review: rating 10/10

    Strain: Random bagseed from a mixture of 100s of different bags I have bought.

    High: It's a clear headed that starts from your head then moves to all of your body and makes u feel all warm n shit;)) I feel like I got lots of energy but I'm couchlocked.

    Taste: it's taste like something vanilla chocolate and something else mixed in. Very sweet smooth taste no raw taste in ur mouth since I flushed it right.

    Smell: the sweetest smelling bud ever. I'll never need a incense lit when I toke this bud since it smells like a really strong flower.

    Medical: I can no longer feel my body pains, my problems and worries have gone away, and I have a ton of energy.
  3. drying them is just the beginning, if you want dank sweet tasting bud you have to cure it.. mason jars... a must for this..
  4. If you look in rec smoker in topic what would you rate this bud you will see what it looks like.

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