Drying outside in Arizona/Texas heat.

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  1. I don’t have any room on the inside to properly hang and dry. My bud is getting close to harvest and as summer comes to and end the heat is no longer triple digit but I have been reading you want a cool dry place. Well I got the dry but I’m worried that the heat will be to much. Any suggestions on being able to dry my bud outside in heat? Thanks I’m advance. Newbie here so go easy on me lol.
  2. Really wouldn't advise it......not being able to control the environment can cause devastating results...not only that, but the light "degrades" the THC further....just overall not a good idea......again, in my opinion.
  3. If it dries to fast it'll smell like a trashcan full of mowed lawn clippings and be like liquid fire on your throat.
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  4. What would be the best option?
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    I stack mine in a closed container at nights for that critical first week.

    Comes down off the branches when the popcorn just starts to feel stiff. The tops will still be very wet feeling. None of that wait for the branches to snap shit. That is way to damn dry especially in the desert southwest.

    Slow dry for the first 5-7 days was key in keeping that aroma and taste.

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  6. Okay I saw the brown bag trick but it was a next step. Could I just skip the hang and dry and do that?
  7. I don't know exactly "all you are working with" but I can comfortably say/assume that you have a better set up, or able to make a better set up in a few mins(somthing like BNW does) that will prove better to you than throwing em outside to the wolves.....so to speak
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  8. Harvest = trim close as soon as you take the branches. Taka a branch, Trim it. Take another, Trim it. Don't take so much off at once that it has time to wilt.

    If you have a place to run a line do it and hang the trimmed branches.
    Masons line is cheap, strong and perfect for this.
    Cut the main stalk and it makes a good hook for each branch.

    Outside it may only take 24 hours before you'll need to chop it all off the branches and into thumb size nuggets.

    Bag it in cut down shopping bags 3 inches tall. Lay bags out and stir every few hours to even the drying.

    Stack bags in new trash cans with lids on at night. Set bags out next morning. Set in next night. Continnue for 5-7 days.

    The whole idea is to gradually bring the whole mass down to 65% humidity at the end of 7 days.
    I worked this out for drying in Southern California when the humidity hits 9%.

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  9. The malawi-style cure (fermented/compressed) and variants work great in hot environments.
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