Drying outdoors??

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  1. wondering for this upcoming summer if i can dry outdoors without mold problems or w/e... then cure in jars inside..??
  2. not a big deal... i know how'd i'd do it so if i could do it without bug,mold, or other problems thats what im wondering... so a simple yes would give some need confidence...:smoke:
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    It really depends on your climate, if your area isn't dry enough you will probably get hit with mold, if you really need to dry outdoors, I would wrap it in a tarp and move them around every couple of hours so as to not let the same buds touch for too long.
  4. ha ya its hard to tell what the humidity is going to be like day to day in WI so idk .... lets say on ave the humidity is between 50-70% what would you say then?
  5. If you're going on the end of that spectrum, you'll have to watch out for mold. Around 50% humidity should be fine.
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