Drying outdoors plan?

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  1. by magic lol
    with a wire or anything you want, on a branch nearby
  2. do buds have to hang upside down? or can they lay on their side?
  3. [quote name='"SuperCali"']do buds have to hang upside down? or can they lay on their side?[/quote]

    people hang them upside down so air gets everywhere in the bud whereas if you lay them down you need a net or something to lay them on so air can get and dry both sides
  4. Frost wont just pop crystals, it will lock chlorophil in the buds, this is why its good to freeze bud before making hash, it locks chlorophil in the plant matter making it harder to extract.

    I have used a camouflage camping tent to dry buds in, i kept the screen windows open, if rain was in the forcast I closed them and riged a fan to a car battery for airflow. A good way to prevent from freezing in a tent is to fill several jugs with hot water and put them in the tent, worked for me but took a good 3-4 weeks before the stems would snap.
  5. yeah drying is pretty touchy for me, as i live at home between semesters. Especially when harvest goes on for the first few weeks of school. But for some of us, outdoor drying is the hand we're dealt and that's just the way the cookie crumbles :smoke:

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