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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by MONEY21, Aug 12, 2002.

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  1. I am not new to smokin but new to growing weed i have made my first cut of the plant and now its time to dry it out i have no clue how to do this all i want to do is sell some weed and make a lil cash can anyone tell me what is the fastest way and how long it takes to dry out weed thanks
  2. The best way, is to hang the fine \'erb upside down in a well ventilated and dark place for 1-2 weeks and let it dry naturally. The bud then also needs to be cured for at least another 10 days, you can do this by placing in an airtight container burping the air couple of times a day. Then you will have excellent bud to smoke!
    To \"hurry things up\" (I wouldn\'t) you can dry very slowly in the microwave but on the defrost setting. This will make the bud harsh to smoke and you will lose some of the strength.
    good luck.
  3. the main thing to speed up the natural process would be to put an oscillating fan in to keep the airflow circulating around the drying bud.
  4. Put it in the dryer. seriously. what you do is take a paper bag like a grocery bag paper only though and but the weed in there seal it and dry it for like around20 minutes but it depends on the amount. i usualy only do that with leaves though, like when i clip my plants, the actual bud ive never tried because this is my first season growing. good luck
  5. i watched some people at a party dry out bud in a paper bag with holes in the bottem then putting a hair drier to the opening. It worked pretty good, i wouldn\'t try it because i wouldn\'t want to loose any bud out the holes in the bottem of the bag.
  6. what is the best way to ventilate without arrissing suspision. can the smell be hidden or filtered
  7. yea what he said.(not the microwave thing).
    And when you grow pot, make sure you flush it.Costumers dont like to smoke
    weed that hasnt been flushed(black ash).At the last 2-3 weeks use just water.
    Your looking for light gray to white ash.

    Cleanlyness is next to Godlyness:smoke:
  8. davoplot,

    where can I learn more about the feeding sequence of events from vegging til harvest? I know in vegging I just give a nice nitrogen rich nute and then when they start flowering I give them phosphorus rich food. But do I continue the phos nute until harvest or does it stop when I begin to give carbo load such as molasses or should I do them both together? Then, do I stop everything and flush for two weeks before harvesting? And can I flush for the two weeks then harvest the next day or does the soil need to dry for a day or two after that before I harvest?

    Follow me?
  9. Can somebody please tell me the best way to dry outdoors
  10. Talking about selling weed is not allowed.
  11. HIGH All, closeing thread
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