drying out a bubbler

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    so i was wondering if anyone had the same problem i have which is:

    i rinse my bubbler after every use, and dry it as thoroughly as possible, but i have a hard time getting it completely dry. I find that the awkward shayinge of the bubbler (sherlock-style) makes it difficult for tiny water droplets to evaporate, and instead they all collect in one area, making a small puddle.

    any tips for quicker drying?

  2. If you can get a hair dryer to focus to inside the pipe, that works well. (Thats how I dry long curvy tubes)
  3. Blow it out with compressed air. they sell it in cans at any electronics/office supply store.
  4. Why dry out your water pieces? Is it cause they're suceptible to mold?
  5. Why dry it out? I store mine with fresh water in it sometimes
  6. i put it back in its case after use, so i like it store it dry
  7. Trust me I have this same problem haha

    Hair dryer is the answer like stated above me...

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  8. haha yo thats a fresh sherlock, kevin, is it dry or bub?
  9. That bubbler is epic!
    I bet it hits smooooth :D
  10. Soup or Salad??? haha sorry that's what we always say... soup = wet, salad = dry... pretty easy concept...

    This things a soup... has a big ole bubbling chamber and it rips like a beast...

    I named her Medusa for the large amount of snake like swirls that are covering the bubbling chamber/bowl... and of course... she'll turn you to stone haha :D:smoking:
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  11. haha soup or salad that's tight +rep
  12. +rep as well... haha I appreciate the appreciation lol:smoking:

    I'm not under the influence of mari-jew-anna at all... I swear :D:smoking:

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