Drying options?

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    Alright so the problem here is I live with multiple people in the house that aren't currently okay with me growing and don't like the smell. The grow process isn't a problem because i can mask it, but the drying process is. I need some where enclosed, that is near me, and able to keep in the smell. Any ideas?

  2. flilter would be your best bet but it will smell at one point, unless you dry in your tent with exhaust running.
  3. Take to a secluded wood lot ( bush/forest ) hang entire plants down side up until dry...... no smell =)
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    No woods around me sadly. I have this idea but I don't know if it'd work. I have this little area in my room, there's a main wall with my door on it then horizontally there's another wall. In between this wall there's a thick piece of wood that my computer used to be on, then under there's just free open room. Could I possibly hang them under that table and use a thick black sheet and just seal the edges to keep in both darkness and smell?
  5. I hope it's your parents. I don't get why stoners move in with anti 420 peeps.

    Ask a trusted friend for help.
  6. They aren't anti they just haven't had the urge to try it themselves is all. They think the sight and smell will turn them into massive potheads etc. etc. 
  7. maybe it could work, have a small osc fan to move air around but dont point straight at buds
  8. So you're saying I could basically just duplicate a micro grow box but use it for drying purposes only? Or even just a box or something similar.
  9. ime, your plant will smell most potent an hour before lights come on. if you can mask the smell of a full flowering plant, harvest will be a cinch. the overwhelming odor kind of fades during drying and returns after a nice cure :D
  10. Why don't you just use your grow box for drying?
  11. Thank you guys so much for the help! I'm still in the reading phase of growing but I'm eager to get going and get some bud. So I do have one more question. Is curing in a Mason Jar a good, cheap idea?
  12. I had an old 2x2 tent that I set up in a shower stall and hung my drying rack inside that. Added a cheap 4" inline fan and phresh filter and have no odor when drying.
  13. heres in idea..if you dont live with parents then just TALK to your roomies. 
    would they kick you out if they knew you are growing? would they call the cops on you or steal your stuff? 
    when your not using your own house and share it with non growers its best to not grow there at all. if you MUST grow then just use wherever you grew it to dry it, since it should smell alot by the time you cut it down. shit my neighbors across the street could smell my outdoor this year
  14. Hgacademy has the right idea ^^

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