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  1. Hi everybody I was just wondering can I dry my weed in a big brown paper bag the one you get from Home Depot to put leafs in
  2. It doesn't sound like a good plan to me. Normally drying is done by hanging plant upside down by a clothes line of some sort. After this curing is done in mason jars that you open every so often to allow gasses to escape. You cab do anything that heart choses but after a lot of time and effort a paper bag seems like a bad plan.
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    Sure. Just get a few paper bags from the super market as well. Cut them into long strands about 2 inches wide. lCrumble and layer some strands, put a layer of your herbs on it cover with another layer of strands and repeat. make your top layer strand to protect the drying plants from direct light. Cut a few notches in the sides of the bag to let air flow through. let it be for 3 days and check. Some people worry about the trichomes like you will somehow shake them all off, LOL! Relax and if you want at 3 days swap their locations if they are not drying evenly, but I am guessing you will be good.
  4. I hadn't heard of this method but it sounds like a drying rack variant, he is saying in a paper bag. I thought he meant literally just stick it in the paper bag.
  5. Thanks everyone cause I'm in a place where I can hang them

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    Depending on how much you have those cool small paper shopping bags with hemp handles on work good and fit almost anywhere.
  7. well I had 8 big plants that's why I was going to use the bag from Home Depot since they come in a bundle of three i can cut the other two bags up

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  8. Yeah, maybe throw a batch of popcorn buds in them for shits and giggles. There are a couple sites if you google on how guys do it. I know it works nicely. if you are worried about having perfect shape for medical sales then just be careful on how you lay the buds down, it is much more an ass pain than hanging if you have any asthetics concerns.
  9. Using a paper bag might work if it's a small amount and the buds are a little smaller than normal. Like said above, it's best to hang them upside down in a cool dark area.
  10. It works with any amount as long as you have the patience to do it right.
  11. Or really you could make a drying rack using 2x3 and window screen. Or take a cardboard box and hang it inside the box, storage tote pretty much the same thing put a small fan in there and you got mini drying room. Less hassle then a paper bag.
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    tm he is not in a place he can hang. The paper bags are a very stealthy application. No one walking by the room or in it would really know what is going on outside the smell and a good NA system can help there. Now say that about hanging weed. Yeah i already know. Anyway it is no harm outside flat spotting and losing a few trichomes but honestly it is minimal. My concern liek hangers is to make sute the place is pest/rodent free. Especially the 2 legged rodents where the bags make it easier for those animals to carry your hard work away.
  13. Right I heard he was in a place he couldn't hang. But if he has floor space for leaf sized paper bags a cardboard box isn't far off. I have never tried the bag.I really don't want to. Hanging it up is the old standby. Fads may happen in between u tv, mars support have been shunned
  14. He can put it in bags and put the bags in cardboard boxes, there! LOL!

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