Drying in a small tent. How to?

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  1. I am drying in my 2x2.5x7’ tent and was wondering the best way to do this.... I have a carbon filter exhaust fan combo and a little 6 inch fan in the tent. I also have a pretty nice dehum.... I have them all in the tent zipped up right now but my concern is the dehum seems to be blowing hot air to remove the humidity because the intake temp is cold.... I’m reading heat is a bad thing.... any advice? Thanks in advance!!

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  2. What are your ambient humidity levels? I'm wondering why you're using a dehum. Unless ambient is above 60%, I'd probably just unplug it.

    Separately, I'd be concerned that your extraction fan is pulling too much air past your flower. Done that before, and the flower got too dry too quickly. My ambient is almost always below 50% though. Just my 2¢.
  3. You want somewhere around 60 degrees and 60% humidity.

    I typically am unable to achieve that I manage with 75° and 65% humidity.

    You don't want a fan blowing directly on them.

    Hardly any air movement and you'd like the small stems not to snap for at least 5 days preferably longer before you move them into a jar and make sure that they don't go above 65% humidity.

    This is just enough information to get you started.
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  4. You definetly need to know the humidity before running a dehumidifier. I know its sounds odd but theres times it's actually beneficial to run a humidifier and add moisture

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