Drying in a closet

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  1. Hey guys,

    I feel like my drying phase has suffered due to conditions. My house humidity is a steady 50% and I dry in my hallway closet. In the past I had mold issues on my plants so I put a fan near the door to help with circulation. But, then I feel like my plants get too crunchy and crumbly within a few days. Any suggestions on how I can set up my closet to help with better conditions to dry?

    Also, I have tried trimming from branches and drying on a rack, I've also left them whole on the branch and that's where I had the mold issues...

  2. A small humidifier , and a controller for it....set at 65% to 70% inside the closet,and a small ,clip-on desk fan inside the closet,just to keep the air moving around in the closet,but not directly blowing on the branches ...
    Object is to slow down the drying process to at least one week, if you can...without getting mold.
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  3. Try using dresser drawers lined with tissue paper.
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  4. Slow drying is key.
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    How I got mine done and continue to use this method.

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