Drying In A Cardboard Box?

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    Hi folks, I'm doing my first grow ever starting middle of next month. I have everything planned out besides the dry method. Because I can't just hang bud in my apartment. I'm thinking of taking a cardboard box and putting a 120mm pc case fan on one side like this
    and on the other end a carbon filter like this
    Then I'll just hang the bud on a line I put through the top then flip the box over so the buds hang and then plug the fan in.
    Would like your guys input, hopefully this method will work and wont smell at all since the only exhaust is the carbon filter. 
    Edit: I should also add I'll only be drying no more than 20 grams.

  2. I just put mine in a cardboard box with 1 flap open, nice slow dry then a cure in jar works reap nicely
  3. Yep I do it the same way. Works out great for me

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