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  1. So I'm pretty dead set on growing, the only issue I'm running in to is the drying process. I can't grow or dry inside anywhere, everything has to be done outside except for curing the weed. So, would it work to put the bud that needs to be dried in a box with a fan inside circulating air (preventing mold) and have holes in the box and leave it outside? The average humidity where I live by the time the harvest will be ready is between 45%-60% and the temperatures stay below 80.
  2. A fan directly on your drying bud would crisp the outside very quick. As long as humidity is below 70% you should be good. Fresh air freely moving between the box holes will be adequate. Your bud isn't going to like the temp swings, and the inside of the box will be significantly warmer. Hopefully no bugs discover it, or other wild animal. And a late night rain, that would be hilarious...

    Why can't you just dry inside? Use a bathroom, seal the door a bit, turn the bathroom fan on, boom! All the smell is exhausted straight outside.
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  3. Well I figured I'd keep the box in a place where it wouldn't be touched my rain and would put a screen on the inside of the box to prevent bugs. The reason being for not drying inside is I don't think my fam would approve lmao
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  4. I would jar it sooner rather then later maybe after just a day or 2. Just keep the lids open for extended periods, hours if needed. Maybe even dig a hole you can cover it up, to keep the temps stable, that's how they do it in many parts of the world.

    Let us know how it goes and your experience, I'd be interested.
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  5. So dry it the way I suggested, but only for a day or two, then start the curing process right after that? The curing process I could do in my house so that wouldn't be an issue and would be much easier. How long do you think I should keep it in jars? 2 weeks?
  6. I keep my bud in jars until it goes into my pipe or whatever. I'll stop burping every day after two or 3 weeks, as soon as it's done being squishy. Then I just pop them every so often until it's ready to be my new stash jar.
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  7. Yeah, so dry the bud in the box for only 2ish days and then start the curing process early? That's what you're saying, right?
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  8. The curing process goes on as long as you want it. When the buds are completely dry, the cure is over haha. I would aim for 3 weeks, anything less then that you can taste imo. Get a small RH meter for inside the jars and you watch as your humidity drops and stabilize in the high 50s% to 60/61 RH. Some like it dryer some a lil more moist. Just gotta feel it out.
  9. Alright cool. So just to be clear and everything, dry the bud like I said for only 2ish days and cure like you said, right?
  10. Yeah man I think that is a solid plan given your situation.

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