Drying & Curing Predicament

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by BigOleEric117, Sep 7, 2007.

  1. Hey, so my buddy found some plants growing behind his garage and we're gonna snag it in a few days. But anyway, I cant really hang it up anywhere because I cant have people around my house smelling it or anything so I was wondering, what is a way that we can dry this and cure it without it smelling up the whole place? We do have these jars (pictured below) and we were wondering if we could just pick off the buds and put them in there for a while and they would be fine. So yeah, feedback appreciated.

  2. I dont know man... you need some air passing around the drying buds.. which means they will smell something somewhere...
  3. What if we just opened them for a while every day? How long would they have to stay open? Any Ideas?
  4. You really need to let the buds dry for 2 or 3 days before putting them in jars. If you don't your going to more then likely have a mold problem..Manicure the buds well and make sure to leave the jars open a hour or two each day for 3 weeks.
  5. I really cant have it smelling, thats the main problem here. Any ideas on how I could dry it without it smelling too bad?
  6. You put MJ in jars for curing, not for drying. For some reason people think these are one in the same or that you don't really need one if you have the other.

    Drying and curing are two separate steps, and you need to do them both. Drying requires letting the buds air out, and the only way to do that without smell is to channel the air passing through out to somewhere that no one will smell it).
  7. Yeah, I know they're two separate steps. So yeah, i guess I'll figure something out. Ideas would be useful.
  8. Not sure what kind of ideas you want. Drying without smell -- move air over the buds and channel that air out to where no one will smell it. I can't give you specific suggestions because I don't know your space, your circumstances, etc.
  9. Behind his garage? You sure its weed and not weeds?

    If you dont want the smell then water cure the sucker. There are down sides to it though.
  10. Yeah, its weed alright. He found about 5 females back there. Unfortunately, he also discovered 3 or so males in close vicinity so we'll see how it goes. And a question about water curing. Do I have to dry the buds first and then water cure them, or can I just put the freshly picked bud in?
  11. Are there seeds on the females? If not they may need more time cause if the males are the same age the females will most likely have them too,just a thought.
  12. you act like it is a pretty typical day to find that some female mj plants were growing behind a garage, ho hum.

    good place to hide is army ammo box from surplus store. google silica gel and order some, throw it in there. daily you will air it out anyway.
  13. If your 18 you shouldnt have to worry about the smell of drying and curing bud just hang it upside down in your bedroom or living room with a fan on it. I hope no one purposely grew those plants your stealing because you could be in for it.
  14. Well the whole plan is fucked because my buddy went and checked on them yesterday and they were gone. Apparently they might have been his brother's bud that he just left there to do whatever.
  15. Really? I didn't realize it was legal to possess and grow MJ once you turned 18... :rolleyes:

    You always have to worry about odor (if you want to stay out of jail, that is).

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