drying, curing, and hieght questions

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by thcmaker420, Jul 15, 2004.

  1. wuts up guys, just wondering how the most common or best way to dry the buds are. and wut to do for curing. and also i was wondering wut the average height of a mj plant is...like 5ft? cuz im makin a new flower house and wondering how tall i should make it...ill be havin my plants in bout a 4 gal container. thanks all,


  2. Curing is pretty simple, 2 weeks before your harvest you flush your plant with some distilled water. 2 weeks later the day before your harvest, you leave your plant in 24 hour darkness. At the very break of light you are suppose to then harvest. You take the buds and you hang them up in your closet or something similiar by a string or something along those lines. About 5-8 days later they should be dry enough the stem swill crack and you don't feel any moisture when you touch them. When this happens you put them into mason jars (jam jars). You wan't to make sure they are moisture free so they don't mould. They are in the jars for about 2-8 weeks depending on how much you like to cure. Everyone has a different opinion on about how long they should cure. Note: You have to let the air out everyday for 15 minutes or you will just get stale air.

    As for plant height that varies in strains. Some indica can go around 1-4 four feet in height. While as Sativa growing in the wild has been said to grow up to 18 feet in height! :S Crazy, that's like a fucking tree in my opinion. Anyways, they obviously don't grow that high indoors, but they can still get to around 6 feet if you let them. You can easily control height with LST and trimming and whatnot.

    I hoped this helped out a little bit.
  3. hey dude, ya that helps tons..should have an awesome grow this year...ill be makin a thread and postin pics to c wut u guys think..PeAcE
  4. 18 feet high?!? Think of the buds from that.... *Day dream*
  5. dude, just check out that pic of the buds hanging upside down. Its raining trichomes, damn youd be high just breathing around in there, and thats a fact

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