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Drying buds OutDoors?? (Very hot and humid weather)

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by growinpot, Jun 18, 2009.

  1. Yeah i was wondering if drying my buds outside would be possible? I love in Orlando Florida it is very hot and humid would my crop suck if i dyed outside then cured inside?

    (P.S) I dont have any place to dry indoors. :(

    :bongin: KEEP SMOKING! :bongin:

  2. I'm guessing you live wothbyou parents, bummer. Do a stealth indoor drying setup. I modified a way to do an outdoor dry but I think orlandos too humid
  3. L0L this is guna sound stupid but what if i set up a tent with fans in it?
  4. Maybe put a layer of damprid in the bottom of the tent to keep the humidity down. Just don't let it touch the ganja.
  5. dudeeee. your supposed to have all this shit set before you even start growing.

    you cant plant a seed...wait for the plant to get huge, then start worrying about
    what the fuck your gonna do with this big ass plant.

    drying outdoors anywhere is risky and can
    fuck up your bud in more than 1 way.

    it can attract pests and bugs. it can mold. it can dry too quickly.

    if i were you i would dry it indoors and tell your parents to quit being assholes lol.

    my parents used to trip off me smoking when i was little. then i surprized them with a plant in the yard.
    they were pissed but i told them if they took my plant i would take all their alcohol.
    now we get along just fine and i roll joints in front of my parents.
  6. if your worried about the smell of drying indoors.... do it in a shed. closet. or something....
    put a shit load of fabric softener sheets around the cracks of the door. so if the smell leaks out it will be filtered with fabric softener and wont stink.
    shit will work but dont open the door while people are home lol.

    But bro i did have a plan then things happened i planed 3 months before i planted my magical seed but then everything got fked up :( But dont worry ima figure something out i would cry if i have to let my baby die :(

    Thanks sticky but that must have took some BALLS i dont think i want todo that 0_o
  8. If you've got the extra money go rent a fishing cabin for a week where you won't be bothered.
  9. Can any1 give me a guide on how to rig an outdoor dry station??? i have all the money to spend money is not a problem. its just i need a spot to dry and out doors is the only logical plan look at this...

    This guy did it outdoors
  10. that guy didnt know what he was doing.u gotta dry it in the dark or it gets fluffy and stretches
  11. Dude if you got money just rent out a campsite for a week and dry it inside a tent most campsites have electricity outlets so you could get a fan and heater in there. Just ask for a secluded spot.

    Or hell get a cheap motel for 10 days.
  12. So why are you ignoring post #8? Good idea, IMHO.
  13. orlando is sickly humid and hot and it rains at like 5pm or 6pm most days. motel is the best option.
  14. motel is stupid.
    when room service comes you will get snitched on.
    room service comes every morning weather you like it or not.

  15. not if you put a do not disturb sign on
  16. Wow, some of these idea's are so funny. I could never see myself renting a motel to dry bud in, are you serious? :eek:

  17. What would be a way to do a stealth indoor dry?
  18. holy hell $300 no way! how much are you drying? a plant? If it's a single plant there's got to be a place that is either hidden enough or used very infrequently that you can hide your bud while it's drying.

    I live in a house where my mother goes through my room top to bottom, tries to read emails, get on my facebook etc. and I am growing 13 plants at the moment(to early to tell sex but 1;1 ratio so roughly 5-7 girls hopefully) and I still plan on being able to get away with an indoor dry. What about your attic? just find a way to keep the humidity low

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