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  1. I have been thinking about the drying and curing process as of late...

    Is there a way that you could dry and cure your buds outside? Could the bud be placed in a box, shed, or container with ventilation?

    I know that the outdoors provides many dangers for this, like bud mold/rot, variances in humidity, etc... But is there a way to do this?
  2. I dry my bud in a shed, I regard that as being inside. I hang the whole plant from a hook in the roof. Takes 5 - 7 days.
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    What is the temperature/humidity like in Spain when you are typically drying?
    How is the smell outside of the shed?
    Do the buds dry/cure well that way?

  4. At harvest time, temp in 70s or 80s, never used a hygrometer. My high tech ventilation system is propping the door open. Results are excellent. The smell outside the shed is not really noticeable, stinks inside though.
  5. A shed is a possibility for me...

    Do you think it is possible to make a dry box that you could place outside somewhere?

    What type of ventilation do you use for your shed?
  6. I am sure you could make a box, a shed is just a big wooden box with a door. Or you could put up a tent.
    Ventilation - LOL, I told you above !!!!!
  7. Oh I got it... I thought you had some system circulating air in and out near the door...

    Anyway... Thanks a lot... You have been really helpful... Reps
  8. You´re welcome. God luck.
  9. You can dry outside, just gotta keep an eye on them. Even without shelter, just hang them somewhere were they get ALOT of ventilation, under some shade, no direct light. Its sketchy I know but as long as our careful you should be fine
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    where i live it is in the high 90's is it still possible to place in a box under some trees and have it still dry?
  11. I dry outside. i will try to get a pic of it but it is just a small box like thing with this screen like stuff around it and racks in it. it works fine. i put it in the shde where it gets plenty of WIND.
  12. Hello everybody... :wave:

    I am new to these boards and just though I would say hi...
    I was thinking the other day about how I should cure this season's bud.
    I came up with this:

    Dry the buds under a rural bridge. Run fishing line perpendicular to the support beams under the bridge and hang the buds from the line. They should get plenty of circulation, especially if near water. They could be well concealed too. If you run the lines very close to the undercarriage, they should nestle in quite nicely.

    I wonder if that would work... :smoking:
    Just the thought of leaving my harvest out in the open kinda scares me.

    What do you guys think? :confused:
  13. i wanna see some pics please
  14. The bridge thing was just an idea I concocted in my currently stoned brain...

    I have never tried it... but it's an idea.

    Do you think running chicken wire would work better?
  15. Sorry for bring up such an old thread but i didnt feel like a making a new post for something that gets asked all the time.

    Will i be able to dry outdoors if they temp is in the 40s?

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