Drying and curing all the trim and the rest of the plant?

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by latro, Sep 12, 2009.

  1. I want to keep the leaves and the stalks. What's the process you use to dry and cure them? Is it similar to what you do with bud? Just let it sit in a dark cool place for about a week and then put them into glass jars?
  2. There's really no need to cure anything but the bud. Curing enhances the flavor and overall quality of your bud...it won't do much, if anything, for the trim.

    You plan on making hash with it? Make sure it's all dry and you'll be cool.

    Just dry it as you would the bud, by hanging or placing in a paper bag with newspaper. You don't need to be so careful with that stuff as you do the bud since there's a much smaller chance of diminishing quality.
  3. Yeah, I either want to turn it into hash, cannabutter or green dragon. I'm told you can do all three with the trim.

    If you just let them dry though, won't they just all eventually turn really crispy and just crumble into dust?
  4. Um, no...won't turn to dust. Just becomes dry, like the bud you smoke, dude.

    You can smoke and keep bud that isn't cured and it'll be alright...it won't crumble unless you break it apart yourself, ya know.

    It would take years upon years of sitting in an unprotected environment for something to just crumble to dust without being physically torn apart.
  5. Putting whatever you use in the freezer overnight will help loosen up trich's and make them easier to collect. And like everyone has said, just make sure it is bone dry, and there is no need for the curing.

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