drying after harvest

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  1. Has any one ever try using a food dehydrater to speed up the drying process like you would for other herbs,etc? Wasn't for sure if it would mess it up or not.
  2. It will make you're bud harsh and nasty, but it will technically work. If you do this, only do like an 8th and let the rest dry slowly.
  3. Eternal fight : Desperation vs Patience, let me ask you this my fellow grower, u dedicate 3 months of ur life to grew some, why risk the final product for just a few days .... my line ofThinking ! hope it helps
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    Yea I hear ya. Saw a hydro tent with a drying rack in it heated and asked the guy about it at 1 of the hydro stores in town . The guy said it was a way to speed up the drying kinda like a food dehydration machine. So that sparked the idea of my question.
  5. the old way is the best way. just hang it. and put a fan to it if you really want to dry it. but nevermind the drying, its all about the curing. its e z to fuk up with a dehydrator btw, and youll have to deal with crumbs so i wouldnt do it.

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