Dryer sheets and papper towl roll?

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  1. This may be in the wrong section, sorry. But I heard that if you stuff a papper towl roll with dryer sheets, when you exhale through it that it will clear the smoke and smell so it wouldn't be noticeable. Does it really work that well?
  2. It works, but it not a full proof system for smoking indoors. Thats what I'm assuming your using this for.

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  3. I was going to if it worked good enough, I know the smell from the lit bud would be in the air regardless.
  4. Does your bathroom have a vent fan?

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    <sup>Try 3 hand towels...take one and soak it completely in cold water ...lay one dry hand towel and lay it out flat...take the one you soaked and ring it out and lay on top of that one....take the last dry other one and put on top...role it up and blow your smoke threw it when you exhale.</sup>
  6. No
  7. I'll have to try that.
  8. Try using an empty plastic water bottle. Stuff it full of dryer sheets and make a couple of slits on the bottom of the bottle. You don't want to make the slits too big because you want the smoke to filter through the dryer sheets properly - you want some reverse drag. And make sure you I'll your mouth away from the bottle at the end of your exhale - you don't want to inhale dryer sheet

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