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  1. Man.. We all have those days
    You know, when you wake up
    And you're like... Shit man. My back hurts, my head hurts, I'm nauseous..
    I'm gonna get faaaaaaaaaaaaded!
    This was one of those days!
    Well I mean every day is one of those days - you know how it is :cool:

    But today is different.

    Cause I'm fuckin' dry and I got no cash! :(
    Oh well.
    I guess I'll just have to wait until I find some scrap before I can get any reefah.
    I just figured that's one thing we all have in common... Sometimes, you just can't find any damn weed.

    Anyone else going through a disappointing period of sobriety when they could be stoned as fuck playing Zelda like me?
  2. You don't have $15 for a gram?

  3. Nah, there are some users on this site who stay stocked 24/7. I'd like to call myself one of those people but even I go dry, although very rarely.
  4. Been there bro. Except I've got plenty of money just my dealer got arrested and deported.
  5. shit sucks.
  6. Been there but Ive been stocked lately, and plus all the free stuff I get from dis.

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