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Discussion in 'General' started by spikeman, Nov 25, 2003.

  1. Man, just ran out of weed a few hours ago, still a little high, but comin down fast. I already paid the my crappy dealer since the others wern't available, and he left town for a few days. So I guess im dry til about thursday or friday, but thats not too long, i guess... I could get some bananas, or some nutmeg or robitussen.

  2. I hope you're joking.
  3. ..scraping bananas is a myth..

    ...nutmeg will make you sick as fuck since you'll need to eat 5-20grams of the shit...and you'll end up with a day long hangover...

    ...robitussin...ehh..go for it...just make sure you know what you're doing..

    ...you need more dealers friend...

  4. I concur. Talk with all your pot smoking buddies. I would think that one of them may be able to help you score a sack.
  5. I'm dry as well, have been since Sunday and was meant to get some today but there's none round our area.
    A few days there was £250,000 worth of hash siezed and it's really showing round here, none anywhere :(

    I can get pills easier than dope this past few days.

    I'll get some hash within the next few days hopefully.
  6. Ya, all the dealers my friends know, I know. One is grounded, the other that I already paid it out of town, and the third is almost impossible to contact. I do need to have somebody help me find a dealer. The one that is out of town is a dealer, for a dealer, for a grower. He doesn't get crap out of it except the satisfaction that he hooked me up and me smoking him out. I doubt they would like me finding out who they are, but he is such a retard that he would probably bring me in there house, he has already showed me where they live, but no way in hell would I ring on the door and say "I would like to buy some weed." They would crap there pants. But on the other hand, they may not... I will ask the guy when he gets back.

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