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  1. tips of leaves turing brownish yellow,crispy....grown out doors.
    whats wrong ????

    any reply would be great thanxxx xcomexpert
  2. in pots or the ground?
    how old?
    wot size?
    wot do u feed them on and how often?
    r they flowering and if so how far into flowering r they?
  3. started in miracle whip containers.. mosts of its life..given too me by a friend..never kept on a regular light sched..grown in a porch..out side..then given too me... trans planted into 1 gallon bucket ..root came out of bottom transplanted into 5 gallon(outside growin) 9 months old are the plant.. 4 footer..water every 3 days..bloom fert.. used. hairs are turning light in color..temp just dropped to 56 degrees..3-4weeks into flowering showing traces of THC..

    i think thats it plezze reply thannnxxxx xcomexpert
  4. hmm. 56 degrees, thats probably your problem. Is it like that often? 56 degrees is cold for marijuana..you should keep at at LEAST 65 up to 80 or so..if there is any way to keep it warmer, do so.
  5. the yellowing browing leaves cud be 1 of a few things but more likly to b a mix of a few things.

    like Stylez sez that is cold.
    wot do u mean by bloom fert.. used? if ur using the old water from a hydro then it might b low in N so thats ur prob, ur it might have to many trace metals in it that r locking out the N, but im guessing its over ferting if u feed at every watering. flush the soil and leave it a few days, see wot happens.

    also plants do start to yellow and die in flowering, just not this early!
  6. the 56 degree temp doesnt seem too hurt it.but i'll see what i can do.it is grown out doors. when i got the plant it allready had (yellowbrowned tips) on it. still has same problem.(whatcha think). the type of fert i used is a temp released type. mixed with new soil before trans planting(strength 15-30-15).with regular tap waterleft in a gallon container over night(24)hrs.whatcha mean flush, flood,soak how much???
    the plant is getting 7 hours of direct sunn light.i asked my friend when he started the plants he told me in december of last year.(allso had another one it passed away(sucks)but it had the same problem...well there it is any more question please send right away

    thanks again peeps xcomexpert

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