dry weight vs wet

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by gr0wer, Sep 28, 2003.

  1. What is the weight diffrence from wet to dry? i rember somehing liek 73% but is that my buds will weight 73% of that or i will loose 73%?
  2. ya never know what ya got till its dry my friend.:D
  3. a plant is mostly water, u lose well over half the weight when it drys but i didnt know it was 73%, i thought it was more like 80.
  4. i heard at least 80%. wait till you move on to the fungus grO, thats like 90% loss.:)
  5. woody mentioned something like 73% but i dont feel like going digging through his multi page threads.

    Dread. thats dissapointing but its the potency that matters. while ere on that topic ive decided to do an outdoor at teh plot i used this year for one of my plants but its a bit too humid. So i figgure make a small 2'x2' plot, mabey bigger ;), under the bushes and that hould be more then enough.
  6. yea im doing mine next year spring time. next week, im starting up the winter project. what about you?
  7. Next weekend me and a freind are both going to start our projects also he wil be doing a 4 shelf cabnet setup with 1'x1' area per shelf and i will be doing a 18"x18" grow. What is the strain name?
  8. i sent you a north west florida cube aka golden coast or treasure coast

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