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  1. Someone can help me how to dry weed and where can I keep it??

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  2. Old dresser. Pint wide mouth jars (approx 1 oz)
    Top drawer One of everything. Pop all weekly.
    Middle drawer long term storage. Pop all weekly.
    Bottom drawer Latest. Pop all daily for month or so.
    Every farmer has a silo. This is yours. On Sunday's I feel like Scrooge McDuck swimming in the vault.
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  3. Once you harvest, hang it upside down in a closet or if you have one, take a cardboard box and run a couple strings across the top and hang them in the box, the cardboard helps with drying and absorbs the moisture. Let it hang for two days then trim it up. After that, place them in mason jars of your choosing and be sure to open them DAILY for at least ten minutes to prevent mold, etc. in roughly two weeks, providing that you grew correctly, you should have some sweet looking flower! Good luck!

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  4. Hey thanks I was just wondering the same thing Do I put a small fan in the cardboard box?

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  5. i recommend a small growbox with a vent+activecoal to dry your ladies in the dark and no smell. greetings

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