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DRY weed seasons?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Canada Smokes, Oct 22, 2014.

  1. By dry I mean like nobody has weed, do you find where you live, certain seasons (ie fall, summer, etc) it is hard to come by weed? Share your opinions.

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  2. No only noobies, fools or people who don't know what there doing cant get weed
  3. Thanks for the reply, one of my mates started smoking not too long ago and has no clue who to talk to. (other than his obvious smoking friends) he experienced "weed droughts" quite frequently and has this theory

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  4. In fall I would expect there to be more weed because of all the outdoor growers harvesting but in some places different parts of the year may mean less bud
  5. That's true, I figured it would be dry during the summer because due to the large amount of summer smokers and due to heat

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  6. Never noticed that, lots of people grow indoors so its harvest season all year round.
  7. Usually the end of summer ends up being more dry. Just because harvest time is usually around October. But a lot of people grow indoors so it's not completely dry.
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    Fall is harvest season so there's a ton of weed pumping through at that time but in summer everybody's dry, smoking shake, or hash. But I can usually find dank indoor which is nice.
    This fucking guy again...
  9. I've seen him trolling all over GC

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  10. Its called a drought.
  11. Yeah ive noticed this too with getting good mid though. There seems to be a healthy surplus of dank though
  12. I know what it's called. Thanks bro.
  13. Maybe if you are in the middle of nowhere it could happen. If you are near any somewhat major city, somebody has got weed. It is just a question of who you know.
  14. I am in Austin so no dry periods really however there was a huge 175000 plant outdoor grow so certain folks are not finding it..
  15. Bro theres always a way to get weed. Make some connections unless you live out in the desert or something. Plus if theres a surplus of dank...problem solved roght there

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  16. I live in a small city of around 10,000 people but I have 3 people I can depend on. So I'm good connections wise. :)

    Best buds for life.
  17. I never have "dry" seasons. But i have had days where I can't find weed. But weed to so common even during a "dry" time I can at least find some beasters
    Agreed, never went longer than 5 days without having it offered to me. The problem is, the quality and price. especially if you normally have a dude that gives you killer dealers. 

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