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  1. So I am new to the whole vaporizer scene and I am just looking for a little insight into what I should get. I am looking specifically for a dry herb vaporizer. A friend also told me about the Arizer Extreme Q desktop vaporizer , which I posted a link to below for anyone looking for more information. I am not looking to spend any more on a desktop model then what this costs ($140) and I was wondering if any good portables would be a better deal with likable results. I already figured out pens, they seem to be meant more for liquid/wax.

    Thank you for any feedback!

    Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer | Vapor Seller
  2. I've heard good things about that one. Personally, I've never used it. I have used the Pax and the MFLB. Both are great, but I prefer the Pax over the MFLB.

    MFLB is around $130 and the Pax is about $200-$250 depending on if your local headshop is cool or not.

    Pax reminds me of a vapor blunt, very portable, but kind of smelly. MFLB is like a vapor bowl, but it has a bunch of dumb ass accessories, requires rechargeable batteries, but it's VERY VERY stealthy and doesn't smell at all.
  3. I read several reviews and watched tutorial videos on the one I linked to above and ended up ordering it today. It seems perfect for what I am looking for and supposedly is very quiet like the MFLB you mentioned. Thanks for the input!
  4. Yep vaporizers are definitely worth the investment man, glad you found something good!

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