dry tips on my leaves. why this happen? lol

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by mondo420allday, Aug 1, 2012.

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    Using jobes fertalizer spikes
  2. Potassium deficiency causes damage like that. Judging from the degree of necrosis, there may be a second deficiency like Phosphorus-def at work there as well, but Potassium is the major problem.

    Get yourself some good organic fertilizers to replace the spikes. Kelp Meal and Maxicrop are decent sources of Potassium, while Bone Meal and high-P Guanos are some of the best sources of Phosphorus.

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  3. Thanks jellyman. And would I apply the guano on top of the soil or try to mix it in the soil?
  4. You can mix it into any future soil mixes but with your current plants you'll want to make it into a tea for manual fertilizations. This will provide them with an immediate influx of nutrients. The damaged leaves won't heal but they shouldn't get any worse once the problems are fixed.
  5. Yeah I would have to agree...I currently use Fox farm nutrients just started using it on my 3 month old clones :)

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