dry soil vs. bone dry soil

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  1. You know how your soil changes color when it is TOTALLY dry, tending to lighten up in hue? Once plants are very well established, is that where we want to go between waterings or is that too much?
  2. I go by weight ,I pick up container if it weighs nothin then its time to water
  3. Do not let your plants dry out completely before watering. Plant can get stressed due to lack of moisture and messes up carbohydrate production. Don’t let the soil pull away from the sides. If top of soil looks dry and pot is light it's time to water.
  4. ^
    I agree....

    learn the weight of your pots completely dry and completely saturated. Once the pot lightens up, its time to drown her again.

    In the winter i managed to only water once a week, now that summer has my temps up I need to water about every 3 days.
  5. i read that somewhere on this site, tried it myself and i think it's the best. fingering the soil can be misleading. too many different soil mixes and textures, peoples views of how moist or damp are too broad. weight makes deciding so much easier IMO.
  6. Yeah, I went by the finger method for the first month. Now I do it by weight. I was underwatering the whole first month by the finger method. Now I can tell almost by looking at the plants if they are ready to water.
  7. ive actually just been reading alot about dry soil and dry pockets and once a root hits a dry pocket the root will die.im growing in soil so i just started using the method watering the pot and getting the medium decently saturated until it drips in the saucer then it should be good fora few days to weeks depending on enviro and how old plants are.

    watering can be tricky especially in veg.

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