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  1. Would love to find out the number of wet trimmers to dry on the forum leave your choice with experiences and reasons why.

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  2. Wet.
    I trim them within 5 minutes of chopping that branch. All the sugars are standing tall and you don't get a better shot at clipping them. Wait to long and they've wilted and laid down against the buds.

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  3. <--------- wet trims.
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  4. I don’t care what the flower looks like when I pull it out the jar cus it’s all mine. But I do a ruff trim wet then a more detailed trim dry if their lookin to raggedy I don’t mind a lil sugar leaf.
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  5. WET: Wheres the Poll...?

    I think you have to trim about 5 pound of green before the relization dropped...?
  6. Trim like the 'mercans so it looks like a bald math teacher ...No
    a light trim if that
    as often my clients get very upset if the buds look like a math teacher ..lol
  7. Dry. Cause.... MURRICA mutha fucka!

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  8. Dry....I mean i pull off the obvious and easy leaves at first....but I trim dry.
  9. As I chop em down, fans and any none trichromed leaf cut wet, do the rest dry.

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  10. 17030A90-69CD-4965-A679-76861CBB9090.jpeg My Wet vs Dry trials
  11. Dry. Just because it's the way I learned. Does this look like a bald math teacher? Doesn't look like any of mine ;)
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