Dry Or Moist

Discussion in 'General' started by fullbeardstoner, Jun 6, 2013.

  1. i just came thru a conflict. wet weed and dry weed. i ussualy let dry and the smoke it. but today i pulled some moist fresh weed from my half ounce. and i dont like it. i like it dry. how about yall?

  2. Yeah dry. Sticky is okay, but moist isn't
  3. Totally thought this would be about something else.
    Dry weed is more weed.
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    Lol me too.
    Why would anyone prefer wet weed? :confused:
  5. didn't read a thing but I would choose moist because there are situtions were it sucks to be dry like vaginas
  6. I like dry more, its burns better and the hits are more harsh, therefore BETTER HIGH

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