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Dry on thanksgiving.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Snowman00, Nov 24, 2011.

  1. Yes thats right, no buds for me on thanksgiving because the people who have it suck, and the state of NY hates.

  2. That sucks. I have about a half o of one kind, eighth of some kush and about a quarter of shake :)

    Sorry man.
  3. rub it in some more before you feel sorry for him, lol

  4. Hey now.. I planned well for this. Never run out fully... Stick a few buds away and reup
  5. [quote name='"HxCurt"']

    Hey now.. I planned well for this. Never run out fully... Stick a few buds away and reup[/quote]

    A very wise man. I did the same xD I feel for you OP, hopefully you enjoy your turkey day stull
  6. Lol I hear that, I always do the same, especially around holidays. Sorry OP and Happy Thanksgiving to you as well
  7. Damn, I was almost dry till i got ahold of an 8th. Maybe the MJ gods will smile upon you this fine day and someone will smoke you out.
  8. you could be working on thanksgiving :(
  9. I'm working the night shift at the hospital as part of my residency tonight haha, and i've been dry for about a month ever since my dealer just disappeared. I was getting used to it to be honest, but thanksgiving out of all the holidays to be dry.


  10. maybe he got busted
  11. He was always a bit sketchy, if you know what i mean. Maybe he did get busted but he wasn't someone that cops really would hound after. More a middleman he was, i live in the state of ny, but on long island. Anyone can tell you that Long island is it's own horrible mini state. The population is extremely wealthy but oddly enough no one works, they live off of "family money". The cops frown about marijauna here, and it is impossible to find someone remotely trustworthy...its just so outrageous man.
  12. #12 Jumbo, Nov 24, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 24, 2011
    Sucks, i got about 9 grams of different danks i've been saving. gonna be a nice couple days.

    also lol i know exactly what you are saying about nobody working and just living off mom and dad. i also live in NY, LI. pretty shitty place if you ask me, but its still my home town and i love it here...

    and im also gonna say BULLSHIT, to nobody trustworthy. there is literally about 25 people that sell weed in my town lol....

    Been buying from my guy for years, never was dry once other than waiting for his boy to reup.
  13. Leftovers man. I know its not the same...but still
  14. I've been browsing around these forums as well, and people are getting purps for like 250 an Oz, and it looks crazy good. Around me you get .7 for 20$ and they consider it a my understand 1.0 is a gram?

    And the funny thing is even tho its so overpriced here and you can make such a high profit i can't get any and the dam turkey is making the house smell sexy when its cooking right now, and no munchies will be had.
  15. Give thanks that you're not on probation and have to do without it for 2 years! It could always be worse man. It's fucking THANKSGIVING, I'm sure you will still manage to stuff your face with tons of delicious food
  16. ima a smoke a fat doobie for u cuz enjoy that food anyway tho
  17. I'm dry for thanksgiving too this year :( Rough life.
  18. i've done that probation bit for 3 years haha, i know the feeling now that im free and ain't got none shit is hurting
  19. Yeah man, I too am dry for Thanksgiving, but as has been said it could always be worse and stoned or not the food should be awesome!!

    Happy Thanksgiving to all!
  20. i have bud but my parents are super stricked christains sooo no weed for me unless i can sneak out during the celibrations:D

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