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  1. anybody get good results from dry/powder nutrients..
    is it true that liquid nutes are better? or are there some good dry nutes too?
  2. i use dry nute cos mine are organic so they get a little something to eat when i dont give liquids.
  3. A bunch of the boys from my local hydro shop swear by dry nutes, I prefer liquid for ease of application.
  4. I've had pretty good luck with the fox farm solubles. Plants seem to love that shit as long as it's mix we'll and only fed every other feeding.
  5. planning to order these...but i see that they are only for the flowering stage...what would you use along with this for vegging..

    Soluble Tri-Pack: Open Sesame<SUP>®</SUP>, Beastie Bloomz<SUP>®</SUP>, and Cha Ching


    thanks guys..
  6. For the most part, indoor soluable nutrients are usually additives (like the tri pack) and not base nutrients. If you are buying that tri pack from fox farms, you need base veg and flower nutrients to use in conjunction. The most logical way to go would be Grow Big and Tiger Bloom.
  7. allright..i see...so the main nutes in this case(fox farm) are liquid...hmmm..thanks

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