Dry nugz...too dry for curing?

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  1. Just harvested my first grow, hung and let nugz dry until stems broke or almost broke. (3 days) them I trimmed them off stems and put in my mason jars to cure, however they seem to be too dry as they are not remoistening....I know you can put a lemon or orange peel, so I am wondering how much and if is can sick on top of the bud in the jar? In the meantime I took some of my larger stems that are dry on the outside , but still moist on the inside and placed in my curing jars to create so moisture...was that a bad idea? can bud be too dry to not cure properly?
  2. Never use fruit peels to rehydrate. This is only done by people looking to increase weight while decreasing quality.

    The stems shouldn't negatively affect the buds.

    Yes, bud can be too dry to cure properly but curing is optional. If they are too dry to cure well, then you haven't lost any potency. Cure them without venting/burping since you don't need to dry them more. Use an odorless plastic container and cure all the buds together.
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  4. You can't cure now. Once the buds get too dry, that's it. The quality most likely won't improve, or improve very little. Your buds dried far too quickly. Next time use a humidifier in the drying area to slow drying time. Ideally it should take at least 5-7 days to dry.

  5. this is what I always thought. 3 days is REALLY fast for dry time.

    How much did you dry (wet weight-dry weight)

    and what kind of area do you live in? desert, rain forest?
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    I use citrus fruit peels all the time, and my intention is to rehydrate and add flavor, not increase weight. And it in no way decreases quality. No idea what thread you read that in, but it's false information. The only rationale I can think of for your statement is if someone is rehydrating too much and produces mold, or if they do it too frequently during the curing process and substantially increases oxidation. But otherwise, I can't find any legitimacy in your post, sorry.

    Curing is a SIGNIFICANT part of the process, and is hardly considered "optional." Also, curing with the buds too dry, the process will not be as effective, and will probably result in less desireable odor, flavor, and potency. Where are you getting your info from????
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  7. I live in So cal dried about 6 ounces (dry), hung in a shed that was dark, which never got about 77 degrees. I checked them on day 2 and the buds were still super moist, then on the 3rd day when i jarred they were pretty damn dry. I am wondering if I should have left some of the bigger stems attached to the nugs for the curing process? I just cut all the nugs of their main stems.
  8. Can you give me some tips for re-hydrating my nugz during my curing process?
  9. Don't use fruit peels they will cause mold, also nugz can never be "too" dry for curing man :p

    You don't need to re hydrate your buds man

  10. Ya don't cut them off the stems. I leave all main stems intact, and leave the leaves on also, except for the huge fan leaves.
  11. orange Peels or no orange peels???
  12. No orange peels. If you jar all that bud together, I promise it will moisten up in about 5 hours, if you really only dried for 3 days. There is residual moisture in there, trust me. It's always annoying to me when I go to dry/cure because I think they're bone dry, then into the jars, and then it's too damp to smoke.
  13. Thanks dude, they have been jarred up for almost 48 and seem to have gotten a little moister....should I open the cap every 8 hrs and pour nugsz out or should I just keep them jarred up since they are not creating much mositure?
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    LMAO at all the "no orange peels" posts and other misinformation in this thread!! Usually people that argue against using orange peels have lost their bud due to mold because they weren't paying attention and didn't know enough about what they were doing.

    There is the potential for mold to develop, but only if you leave the peels with the buds too long. You shouldn't be leaving them in more than an hour anyways, and should be kept in less than 80 degrees F during (way cooler than this if you are curing your buds).

    You don't know what you're talking about, sorry.

    Contrary to other posts in this thread, you DO need some moisture in your buds for a proper cure...you don't want them crispy, approximately 5-10% moisture. Never rehydrate unless you are 100% positive your buds are bone dry, and you are intelligent enough to pay attention.
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  15. Ok, only an hour with the orange peels in? how often? hanging i assume (not touching bud)...any advice you can give me to add some moisture backinto my nugz is greatly appreciated!

    It's funny how everyone has different advice, which is making me dizzy
  16. Orange peels are fine. Like the poster above said...1 hour is all it takes...sometimes even less depending on bud/orange peel ratio...don't let the peel come in contact with the bud...check your bud in an hour after placing some peels in the jar...if your buds are moist enough to your liking, throw the peels away...if not, leave them in there for another 30 mins or so. No more than 2 hours though.

    Others have also suggested a leaf of lettuce. Never tried this so I can't give my opinion on this method. Some people swear by it though.
  17. I do know what i'm talking about, i didn't read the post or other posts to be honest, i posted that thinking he's saying is it a problem if the bud is to dry to cure, and no it isn't a problem some people like a bit of moisture and some don't it's a preference it doesn't mean anyone's wrong it just means in your opinion you like to cure your bud with a little moisture. I have been growing for a long time and have cured every harvest i have tried it very dry and i have tried it not as dry and guess what..........the same result.

    Oh and if you cure your bud with orange peel well :laughing: your getting mold.
  18. If you only dried for 3 days before putting into jars, there may be more moisture in the buds than you realize, as Graphuto predicted in his post. Especially if you are noticing moisture after 48 hours of being sealed. * If you are seeing moisture inside your jars, you need to open them immediately and let air out; there is actually too much moisture in your buds!

    When rehydrating already cured bud (that's ready to smoke), it should take no more than an hour to rehydrate your buds.

    When rehydrating curing buds (again, only if you are 100% positive they are bone dry), I'd start off with half an hour and then feel the buds for consistency to see if they need longer. Everyone's environments are different (temperature, humidity), and the most important thing is to pay attention. Too dry is better than the alternative.

    RAWDOG, I'm a little nervous about you rehydrating your bud after stating that you've already noticed increased moisture after sitting in the jars for 48 hours. If they feel more moist than before you sealed them, DO NOT REHYDRATE, they have enough moisture already (as Graphuto predicted in his post). You should only rehydrate curing buds if they were improperly dried, and you should be checking on it constantly.
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    You clearly STILL haven't read through the thread, so please do so before posting more.

    No one has said that you "cure with orange peels." Yes, if one were to leave the peel in the jar the whole time while it's curing, it will mold. But no one has said anything like that in this thread.

    Also, when it comes to drying and curing, there are definitely effective and ineffective methods, and buds that are too dry do not cure as well. You may think it produces the same result, but it definitely doesn't. It's not just a matter of preference, I hate to tell ya. Curing has to do with chemical conversions, oxidation, decarboxylation, etc.

    You've been on these board awhile, I'm sure you know how to use the search function.
  20. Yes i do know how to use the search function :rolleyes: In my opinion there is no huge difference i know it is to do with chemical conversions, i am just saying in my opinion there is no huge difference, i have tried both and have obtained the same result.

    And try not to get so defensive when someone does things differently to you or challenges your opinion.

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