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Dry Mouth Forever?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by DylanBurton, May 26, 2013.

  1. ok well i usually only smoke .2g a day and i get the drymouth but goes away after a couple of hours. well yesturday me and my bud just decided to smoke the rest of the bud we had and i ended up smoking a little more than a g. i had drymouth alllll day and i still have it now so its been about 28 hours now since ive smoked. has this ever happen to anyone else?

  2. How's your Water intake?
  3. ive had a couple glasses today but everytime i finish, 10 minutes later its back
  4. OP is this your mouth?
    If so, you need to make it rain quickly! 
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  5. yeh its my mouth
  6. yeh its my mouth
  7. You need to irrigate your mouth with these:
    Tropical madness! 
  8. ive had a couple glasses today but everytime i finish, 10 minutes later its back
  9. ooooooooooooo lol i would love that in my mini fridge right about now
  10. They're only a dollar so you good, I usually get the Mucho Mango and the Arnold Palmer shit.
  11. Arizona is cheap but not hydrating haha. I say drink more water, if you can stand mineral water drink some high mineral content stuff and chug it at least once or twice a week. Helps you stay hydrated
  12. up in Canada we only have the green tea, iced tea and fruit punch. ;(
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    The average person is supposed to drink 8-10 glasses of water a day. Take that number and then adjust it to your lifestyle. What I mean is if you workout hard for 2 hours and are sweating like it's training outside you should drink an extra glass or two. If you smoke a whole bunch of herb then keep a water bottle with you.
    Oh and also don't forget a "side effect" of cannabis is dry mouth (cotton mouth).
    Edit: Just like mentioned above, Arizona drinks may LOOK like a great thirst quenching drink, but it's only going to make your thirstier and it has a hideous amount of sugar in it.
  14. I tried the green tea and ice tea, fruit punch doesn't sound bad. 
  15. Where in Canada are you? I've seen every flavour in that picture at the local corner store  :yummy:
  16. Whitby, Ontario
    Here in Alberta we only have the green tea, iced tea, fruit punch and Arnold Palmer.
    I would kill for a mango Arizona.
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  18. Here in Saskatchewan I've tried a Raspberry one. 
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    Lucky  :cry:
  20. the first like 15 times ismoekd inever got dry mouth until 1 day i got it ad now ive had it since -__-

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