dry leaves during flowering

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  1. my temps never raise above 79, the light is about 11" in a cooltube without venting.

    if heat stress isn't the issue, would pH be the only other factor?
  2. Do you have a fan on it?
  3. More info would help plus some pics.
  4. I use to have a fan blowing about 24/7 on it, which is why the stem is so fucking thick and strong. But now i have an oscillating fan that is on it for a few seconds then off it for a few seconds, it's not constant wind blowing. Plus my other plant which is right next to it, green and lucious, nothing dry.

    Sure. But the other plant is good, and the dry one is showing bad ph problems as i dont have a meter. I'm just trying to eliminate certain factors, will upload pics soon
  5. How far along are you?
  6. Like day 94, they've been stressed and light leaked a few times which is why they're so far behind. But i'm pretty sure they're sativa dominant whichi is why they're taking forever. Nice cola going though, im taking pics right now
  7. been watering them the same feeding and water everytime.

    no idea how the other one is healthier

    using a 600w hps, fox farm happy frog, 3 part flora nutes.

    plant #1 is the one im worried about..

    i think plant #2 is root bound, reason for slow growth

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  8. How tall are they, what size of pot are they in and whats your humidity?
  9. tallest one is 26"

    3 gallon pots, the topped one is actually in like a 2 1/2 gallon.

    and humidity is really low, don't have a meter, but i have an A/C in there and it always stays real cool. i wanna keep it low cause im afriad of mold
  10. To low and your plants leaves can feel dry. 30%-50% humidty is a good range. Mold is usualy caused by to much humidity with heat and poor air circulation. AC`s can make the air really dry. Powdery Mildew likes warm humid enviroments with poor air circulation. As for root bound issues your plants arent that big for the size of pot even though 2.5 gallon pot might be kinda small if its around 2 feet tall or more. Usualy want 1 gallon of pot size for each foot of growth.
  11. yeah but its branchy and thick as hell

    i didn't think it was a humidity problem because the other one in the 2.5 gallon pot is fine, no dry leaves. the ones that are dry can crack by bending them, the other ones have nothing at all like that..
  12. Day 94 since switching to 12/12?
    Different strains? Same strain / different pheno?
    Pic 1 looks like bug damage, missing leaf corner & a hole or two. Have you crawled around the undersides of the leaves with a magnifying glass?
    Better still, walk across one or two damaged leaves with that little Radio Shack microscope we all have for checking trichrome color?
    No pH meter? Pick up a bottle of General Hydroponics' reagent drops for $8. Not the most granular method but it's certainly consistent & accurate enough to keep you out of trouble. Piss-yellow is too low for you (perfect for hydro). Slight shade of green is your target, brighter / darker green is too high. Color scale on the bottle.
    Hope you get it worked out, besta luck to ya.
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    thanks man, and i've checked for bugs, multiple times. other plant has no signs of it. idk if this is just fucked up genetics. they are both bag seeds.

    edit: and no, day 94 from seed
  14. here they were 6/28 as soon as i got my hid, i flowered a couple days afterwards, but had a power outage and no light for a couple days. surprised they haven't hermied.

  15. You could have some issues from not having a meter. Cannabis has a range of ph that it requires to absorb nutrients. When your outside on either end the plant simply does not absorb certain sets of of them. You could pour nutrients all day long and if say the ph is 8 well you get what you get.

    Usually to whatever damage occurs to the leaf its there to stay all you can do is try to prevent anymore.

    In the future if your even considering using nutrients that you buy you should really PH Balance it. Simply adding nutes can make it go dramatically down or up. Then you feed it thinking everythings good but its not.
  16. Yeah, totally agree with Rhap.
    Not sure if it was different bagseed for different plants, but regardless, even different phenotypes of the same plant can have differing nutrient requirements. With no way to check pH, I would stop all feeding until you get a way to do that. The reagent drops I mentioned earlier are the cheapest way of doing this, and will definitely keep you out of trouble, or GET you out of trouble.
    You always want to know the pH of everything going in, and coming out, of each water or feed cycle.

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