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  1. Ive been using a type of light called Spot-Gro.. by Sylvania its a 75w and is working great..I know that plants breathe Carbon Dioxide...well since Dry Ice is just a chunk of Frozen Carbon Dioxide and puts off Carbon Dioxide would it harm my plant to put a bowl of water beside it and drop a piece of dry ice in it so that it will put off alot of carbon dioxide and go to the plant? or would it not even make a difference?
  2. that would be the shit if that worked.
  3. when i sprouted with it i had a horrible streching problem but what i did was used a compact flourecent to get it to about 10 inches.. then it broke so i got the spot grow and ive been using it since and its working great.. also.. with the dry ice i made a little airtight cube that i can put over the plant and put the dry ice and water in there and it stays in.. its sweet because when i do it the leaves stand real straight and if i do it a couple days in a row the plant starts to get a really nice green color that ive never seen before..
  4. they used to sell it at krogers over dunno about the price
  5. If you have an ice cream place in your town (other than like Dairy Queen And Baskin Robbins) They sell it for 50 Cents a pound.. they sell it at Kroger too.. but its like 5 bucks a pound there.. i made my box out of wood with a piece of plexyglass screwed onto it with silicon all the way around it.. i like it.. my growcube i made out of an old chest of drawers i found laying by the trash down the street :)
  6. hey newbreed2000, i didn't notice your signtature until now "Stay away from all needle drugs, The only dope worth shooting is Asa Hutchison", thats some funny stuff.
  7. haha.. thanks man.. credit to Abbie Hoffman's "Steal This Book" only he said Richard Nixon in place of Asa Hutchison.. Figured it was alright to update it a little bit
  8. yea ive heard of some people who use yeast mixed with water in a 2 liter bottle to get co2 and that worked. Try it im sure it would do just as good if not better if you used it. keep us posted on if it works or not
  9. Dry Ice can, and has been used to provide CO2 in cabinet,grows. But ..first.about CO2....if you do not have an intense light source,good root system,proper humidity,heat,and controlled venting...it may be more trouble than it is worth to spend it on dry ice to provide increased levels of CO2...the ice does not last long..

  10. I just went and got my money order for my HID lamp.. i wish i could remember who gave me the Indoor Sun link so i could thank them.. but who ever it was.. rock on.. cant wait till i get it.. and thanks ndica for telling me it was better to have an intense light for what im doin with the dry ice.. later
  11. im not replying but can anyone help me? i need something to eliminate odors in a green house. i heard that the smell gets very strong in greenhouses and big heat situations and i have a big heat prob.in the greenhouse im going to grow in it gets alomost like 100 to 110 degrees! the odor with be very strong especialy becase im planting some sensi skunks! and does anyone have some opinoins on how to keep my plant healthy and not dry out? some plants in the green house are poking out of the walls for the out side and they look very well.but thats like black berrys and stuff. but they look good and have no water inside.i dont know but ill prob only plant like 3 just in case.ok thanks in advance!!!
  12. I was thinking burning some incence under my plants. That'll cover the extra CO2 (burning wood and oils) and will help with that lovely but dangerous smell.

    The only concern is maybe other toxic stuff will be released...

    whadaya think?
  13. actually the best and strongest odor remover is glade plug in things.! well now i dont need help with the green house thning
    so bye
  14. All of you people seem to be using 400watt HID lights, would it work tha same if i had four 100watt-120v plant gro n show lights heating my plants or should i just get one of thoses 400watt HID lights? If so how much do they cost and where can i get one of these baby's at?????
  15. here's the link for inside sun to get the HID lamps.


    I am waiting til I can scrape up enough funds to get an HID of my own. I am so excited, I can barely contain myself...oops, guess I couldn't contain myself..off to the bathroom I go! lol j/k

  16. yeah i just got some dry ice finally and i already have a grow cube.they sell it at QFC but you have to be 18 or older.so yeah

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