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  1. would dry ice have a effect on the growth of plants??? its not going to be on it im just going to see what if air passing over dry ice and through a growing plant would do
  2. The CO2 would most certainly help the plants. However, you will have to replace the ice a ton.

    Instead, make a yeast/ sugar/ warm water mixture in a bottle.

    Google DIY CO2 generator for more hits

  3. would you like to hear how im using it so you can have a better knowledge of what i want to do?

    p.s. i think a co2 generator would be better for the roots yes?
  4. Roots absorb water, leaves absorb light and CO2, and expel oxygen as a by product. :)
  5. so say i made a co2 generator and had a hose connecting inside my box to a small vent that spreads the co2 among my plants, would that be benificial?
  6. YES! Hence the suggestion for a DIY Co2 generator which you obviously didn't look into. If you are asking for advice take all you can get before you ask for more.
  7. I've read that adding CO2 during the seedling/clone stage usually resulted in higher yields for crops even after CO2 was discontinued once the plant hit vegetative stage. Basically, introducing CO2 at the seedling stage alone has long term benefits for the plant.

    I've been thinking about perhaps placing a plastic container over top a plant (seedling) and shooting some CO2 into it by using a CO2 duster, which can be found cheap at almost any office supply store.

    CO2 is heavier than air and will not float up, so I'd imagine it would stay in the cup until used up. You would just raise the cup to release the CO2.

    Ofcourse, I just came up with this idea 2 minutes ago so it might have flaws, but I'm sure it can be a base for a much better idea.
  8. yikes! i did look it up but it was on how it affects roses.
    i wanted to know if it was more benificial to what im growing... not roses... i even watched a couple videos on youtube about it...the fishtank one gave me an idea...

    but im deffiantly thinking of doing that during the seedling stage...(googled it!!)

    well my MAIN reason for asking about dry ice is not to make a generator but as a coolant.....
  9. excuse me the kindergarten paint pic. i made it quick for easier explanation.

    ok for my setup i was going to have a black tube run from the bucket on the right to my grow box and vent out into it.

    inside the bucket i was going to have it full of ice and the hose is going to be submerged leaving about 2 inches sticking out. the lid of the bucket was going to be capped on with holes drilled into it. the air was going to pass through the buckcket, into the hose pass out the bucket into my box and through the vents. this would provise some cool fresh air.keeping the temp at desired range. but i was wondering what if i took some pieces of dry ice and put them in the vents.

    that was my initial intent of this thread.
    sorry i tend to drone on...

    yes this is a hydro box too.

    is this overly complicated?

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  10. Ok, this thing with dry ice ends now yoshi. Have you ever used dry ice. I'd give you 30 mins max before it all disapates. Even if you have a 100 pound block forklifted into your growroom everyday it would only last a few hours at most (espeically if you want to use it as a coolant as your temps are probably excessively high :smoking:) .
  11. oh no it was just a thought...like what if kinda thing..and that i can get dry ice anytime for free kinds adds into it. lol i got a 60 pound block in my garage!
    i know how dry ice works..llol..silly..i was just trying to see if it would actually be an option.but dont you think the ice bucket idea would work?
  12. As someone else stated, a CO2 generator will be your best bet; if you want to introduce CO2. Ice absorbs heat as it melts, thats why it feels cool to the touch. If you have the bucket outside the grow box, I don't see the ice absorbing the heat, as by the time it reaches the growbox its already a gas. Correct?
  13. well i tested it earlier just using ice and without the hose connected. i felt cold air through it..i even blew through it and my warm beath came out cold. (same smell of pizza tho)

    the dry ice in the vent thing would be too much of a hassel anyway, but i am doing the co2 generator.
  14. Hmm, another idea for a cheap automated CO2 dispenser ....

    See if you can find an Automatic / Metered Aerosol Dispenser that can accomodate a CO2 duster can, shouldn't cost more than $20, and hook it up and set to spray at whatever interval you want. Just replace CO2 duster when its out!
  15. actually i have one of these. i must buy a co2 duster!
  16. now THAT is a much more practical idea.
  17. for co2 to the plants.. not for cooling
  18. How big of a space are you growing in? What kind of lights? What do you have for cooling right now?
  19. 30 gal rubbermaid container. im trying to only use 2 one for hydroponics and the other on top for growth. i could add a third if i have to.

    look at the picture i posted on page 1 of this thread. it shows how my air flow workd just minus the dry ice.

    right now im using computer fans to make my carbon filter
  20. So in that diagram where you have carbon filter is where you have fans now? Since you labeled both as carbon filters I'm assuming they are both exhaust fans. You should add an intake fan near the buckets or where the plants will be. They will suck in cooler (hopefully) air from outside, bring air circulation to your plants, and force the hot air up, where your exhaust fans can pump it out.

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