DRY ICE queston

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  1. hi all been doing some reading on dry ICE to dry your buds ...

    my question ....

    after the bud is dry can you take it out the freezer and cure in jars like normal thats it..

    hope you all can help
  2. Never put you bud in the freezer. The temp destroys THC
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    Its called a dry ice cure. You use an equal amount of dry ice to bud. Ie one ounce bud to one ounce of dry ice. Put it in a coffee can or similar and put holes in lid so dry ice will evaporate. Put in freezer until dry ice is gone and your dryed and cured. And no the freezer doesn't destroy the thc it helps preserve it. Constantly dipping into your frozen stash destroys I cause it let's moisture in. Freezer is only good for long term storage on buds you don't plan on smoking anytime soon
  4. Sounds like a bad idea, because it will cause the tricombs to become frigid.

    I.e. think of the hash process and how you seperate the tricombs heads.

    This method looks like a real quick way to turn the sticky into icky

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