Dry Ice Keif + BHO Extraction

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  1. hey guys, i've been making BHO for about a year now and i am about to do a large run from some Crazy Train trim and have a few questions that can be hopefully answered by my fellow forum goers

    Question one
    Firstly ive read quite a bit about people using keif and mixing it with their trim for a higher yield and potency. Ive also heard that the keif has a hard time letting the butane pull the THC out of it because its so dense. Anyone tried mixing in large amounts of keif in with trim with a substantial increase in yield?

    I was planing on taking 2.5 Lbs of trim and making 220 micron dry ice keif with it and mixing the keif with 2.5 Lbs of some of the same Crazy Train trim ( not keifed ). Hopefully allowing me to use less butane and get a larger yield due to adding in all the extra keif and not having all the added weight of the keifed trim.

    Im worried that ill saturate my trim with too much keif and not have the butane fully extract all the THC from the mix.

    Thanks in advance , Shine on.
  2. I wouldn't bother... If I were you I'd mix my BHO with the keif and it'll be more handleable BHO.
  3. Who wants BHO with a bunch of plant matter in it? :confused_2:. Have you ever tried a dab dipped in kief? Fucking nasty and leaves a lot of black residue on your dome.

  4. You talking about keif or green crumbs?

    In my area keif is screened trichomes, no plant matter...
  5. Keif still has plant matter in it. Like 50%
  6. [quote name='"Chown"']Keif still has plant matter in it. Like 50%[/quote]

    Kief is a trichome head so ya not much plant matter there

  7. wow so by everyones logic Kief is almost 100% pure cannabanoids.:(
    at least chown is informed

    op mix kief with buds or trim you will get killer yield
  8. i've made it with kief and the yield was far much better jus make sure to pack some trim on the bottom of the tube and throughout the tube... you'll like the results
  9. Please update this thread with the results when you are done, because i am thinking of attempting the same thing with the same quantity. I was thinking that i would turn it all into kief though, and then take spoonfuls of the kief and mix it with a qp or so of some dank and then run that mixture. I just figured that it will be kind of hard to run straight kief and figured that this mix would allow the butane to pass through it easier, and be the most efficient way to make sure the butane reaches everything.
  10. send your kief to a lab and i guarantee it wont be over 60% cannabinoids....
  11. really i was thinking more like 25-30%

    i was making fun of everyone who thought kief had no plant matter in it
  12. oh i thought it said i wasn't informed. muh bad
  13. i actually prefer my wax made from keif it turns more crumbley and clean flower blasting is good too i like it all to be honest but i blasted 2 zips of kief last night and got 6 gs of crumble so im pretty happy with it
  14. Do you mind me asking what technique you used to blast kief, because IME blasting kief doesn't work very well, there's always way too much kief left over inside the tube when I do it.
  15. ok i stick the keif in my tube and blast some 7x through it and your going to have stuff left over dood cause keif isnt pure thc theres a bunch of other shit in it too so when you blast it the stripping agent in the butane binds to the thc and pours out all the crap left over is whats left you can try reblasting it and see what you get just make sure you purge it enough to get everything out. i hope this was helpful
  16. The wax husk of the trichome is whats left over. The solvent has extracted most of the oils within the trichome head itself.

    and if you got 6g back from 56 thats like a 10% yield.... that dont sound right man, especially with kief
  17. I was just about to say that, Jimmy...

    Last time I blasted kief I was getting like 40-50% yield.
  18. Ya it was thank u, but I think I'm done blasting kief, I just recently got the hookup on a local source for 99.5% n-hexane.
    I think what I'm gonna do is make bubble with my a few of my plants when harvest time comes around I'll take all the hash I get and do a regular hexane routine so I can come out to something much more pure. :D

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