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Dry Ice Hash

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Tokr2, Jun 2, 2009.

  1. Does anybody love this besides me?? I think this is some of the best Hash i have ever had!! Just wonderin if anyone else in the world is lovin this shit!! Once i started smokin this...I didnt get blazed off anything else!! This is the same exact hash ive been gettin:




    Purchased from:
    Green Angel of Malibu [G.A.M.]
    Genetics - concentrated OG Kush

    Review: This is a great concentrate, just like pretty much all concentrates are good if made correctly. This is a hard-hitting indica, after one rip I immediately felt it and felt it for a long time, a few hours. The only bad thing with the ‘Delta-9′ concentrates is that they burn way, way to fast. This stuff is expensive and if you can afford it all the time, then I totally recommend it. I would recommend you try few ‘Delta-9′ concentrate's to compare them. The taste is very similar to hashish, I don't know exactly what this is, looks similar to kief but this stuff has some bigger chunks and was darker then regular keif. The texture are similar to sand, but slightly stickier. Let me know if you've tried anything you like or don't like from Green Angel please. So far I have been pleased with everything except the “G13″ and “Maui Waui” but everything else is top-grade cannabis.

    5 STAR SHIT!! :smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking:
  2. Another crazy concentrate!!



    ‘Delta 9′ Headband concentrate

    Smell:10 - Taste: 10 - Look: 10 - High: 10 - Overall - 10!

    Indica or Sativa? Hybrid (S/I)

    Price? $30/half gram, $60/gram

    Is it worth it? If you can afford it then yes, it's extra, extra, extra potent. =]
    Purchased from Green Angel of Malibu [G.A.M.]
    Genetics - concentrated Headband (OG Kush x Sour Diesel)
    Review: This was, out of the three ‘Delta-9′ concentrates I've tried so far, definitely the best one. This time it wasn't a powder-like kief like they were before, this time it was more a solid hashish style concentrate. This was better in my opinion because the smoke lasted much longer. It was very shiny and when I broke some off it was similar to a hard, ‘Jolly Rancher' candy, but broke off much easier. It immediately melted into a thick liquid like a hash oil when the flame came in contact. The taste and smell were of nice, pure hashish - no nasty plant or chemical tastes afterwards, just nice pure hash. The smell before the burn was very spicey/peppery smell, I really liked it. The high of all the ‘Delta-9's are extremely potent and long lasting, several hours and hits your immediatly after releasing the smoke. I would, like I said before, totally recommend any ‘Delta-9′ concentrate, or ‘dry ice hash' over any other concentrate.
  3. wow damn those look tastey. it would be great to have a dispensery, its been soo dry around my parts.
  4. how the fuck are you getting that in fl....
  5. Probably a grower that is really experienced in hash making, it's not very hard....

    To the OP, those look fucking delicious. I'm sure that Headband concentrate sends you to the moon.

  6. Well the person i get my trees from, gets it directly from the grower in Dade county. I got a really dope hook up here. It seems like it only comes around only during harvest time. but plentiful and kinda cheap! 2g $70... and 2g will last u a little while!
  7. he makes the concentrates from 3 different kush strains he grows.

  8. 2 g's of bud for 70??!?!? dear god i hope not unless they add drops of liquid thc on it. If your getting quality shit like that with labels your dude is getting it sent to him from a medicinal state and taxing the shit out of you.

  9. Yeah dude two g's of bud :rolleyes:

    He's talking about the extracts.
  10. I'm surprised you weren't pleased with the g13 or maui wowie. they're both very nice strains. I'm sure you probably just got some mediocre-grown harvest or something. Anyway, that hash looks delicious!

  11. Did u read the thread? Im talkin bout concentrates... 2 g of hash for $70! I would never pay $35/g for bud?! 2g for $70 is a good deal i think, compared to some bubble ive bought and smoked before, that was twice the amount and shittier...This stuff just seems alot stronger for some reason. Im smokin some right now! Its like weed crack! u can actually smoke it out of 1 of those meth pipes and the concentrate will vaporize! I just top it on bowls or roll it up in a blunt with bud. The knife method works well...but the Pin and Jar method doesnt....
  12. some bubble hash came into north florida about a month ago, i grabbed a half o for 240$, its fucking incredible and im surprised as hash only comes around once a year or so (for me atleast) in florida. but i still got 5 grams left yaaa. but to the OP that does look pretty :) and im sure you got a good hook up

  13. The only reason i thought you were talking about bud is because you said "the person i get my TREES from" pardon my mistake tho. I'd pay 35 a g for some magically delicious hash anyday.
  14. #14 bluntmastaj, Jun 2, 2009
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    thats the dry ice method pretty hard to do too thats pretty intense to pick up nice hook up
  15. #15 tucansam420, Jan 13, 2010
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    idk if your claiming to have done this review, because if so your a complete liar. i did this review for '', back when it was active. this is the delta-9 concentrate from GAM. dank stuff, similar to kief in the way it looks and to the touch but melts like a goo/oil. very strong. and this is not a bubble hash, it's a concentrated oil. this shit doesn't bubble when you light it up, it just straight melts. bubble hash still has plenty of plant matter and is made is a much different way than oils.
  16. I would love to try hash like this, that looks like some bomb ass shit! There are all sorts of methods of making hash. :smoking:

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