dry ice bomb stories?

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  1. They're really fun, and really loud. My my friend and my gf decided it would be funny to terrorize my other friend with a dry ice bomb. The problem is we didn't know how loud these bombs get. So i arm the water bottle, set it on the porch, ring the doorbell, and ran across the street into the ravine with my friends. We looked out from behind a giant bush as we saw my friend answer the door and then shut it. We had hoped that it would explode while he was looking out cause then he woul have probably jumped. Yes, the bottle was a safe distance away from him. Anyway about 15 seconds later a loud BOOOOOM! echoed throughout the whole neighbor hood. This sounded louder than a gun shot. We were thoroughly surprised and watched as the WHOLE FAMILY burst out of the door to investigate the explosion. At this point we're thinking "Oh shit we have to get out of here or they'll find us." So we casually walk onto the street and walk away as if nothing happened. They were never the wiser.

    Anyone else have stories about dry ice bombs or any other related shenanigans?
  2. haha I made a couple one day blowing them up in my yard for the fun of it, and idk why but one didnt explode for like 10 mins. So i figured it was dead so i just put it in the trash can( stupid thinking ) i walk away just putting the lid down i get like 10 steps away and the lid of the trash can explodes off scared the living shit out of me.
  3. During my freshman year of undergrad we would make 2 liter baking soda and vinegar bombs. Used to scare the hell out of people

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