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Dry herb vaporizer pen recommendations?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Trout23, Feb 18, 2013.

  1. Any recommendations? It will be my first one and I have been researching but too many conflicting reviews. Is it possible to find a dry herb one under $100?
  2. No. Not one that is of good quality at least.

    You have two, possibly three options when it comes to pen shaped herb vaporizers that actually work. The inhalaterXP, ThermoVape Cera and Vapor Blunt Pinnacle. None of them are under 200 dollars.
  3. What about a regular vaporizer under $100?
  4. There's a couple good options, the vapoluion2.0 is 99 dollars and works great; awesome flavor. The MFLB is good if you have a low tolerance but I don't recommend it. Other than that, there's always a Vapor Brothers.
  5. ill sell u my no2 vapir... used only a handful of times...still works perfectly fine.

    i choose to vape oils now so..

    i currently use a 510 battery (like a gpen) and i have a glass nail attachment

  6. How much my man?
  7. Pm him, no discussing sales on the forum.

    In case you didn't know.

  8. Thanks I'm new
  9. Save for a good vape hands down. Are you looking for a portable or just to spend 100?

  10. Doesn't really matter. A portable would be best but $100 is all I really can commit to right now. My bro has a pen and its nice but doesn't burn dry herb which is what I want it to do.
  11. I'm looking for a dry herb vape pen as well. Have you checked out the Atmos RAW or Vapor Cone Elite? They're the only vape pens I've found for dry herb.

  12. The reviews are scaring me off on both. Kinda just want to find a regular vaporizer and forget about a pen until technology catches up.
  13. pen vapes are only good for oils. that's based on gentlemen's and atmos that i've tried and both left a lot to be desired. there are much better alternatives for portable vapes.

    but, again, for oils pens are awesome.
  14. Can't do oil. Any recommendation on portables under $100 worth a damn?
  15. Preferably battery powered
  16. Mflb is your only option there for battery powered. For 160 you can get an arizer solo and that is not even the same level as the mflb. Truly worth saving up a little extra

  17. Davinci Vaporizer can be had online for $130, and it has the option to do herb and oil.
  18. I just got a G5 pen today at my LHS 80 out the door. It can be used for dry herbs and oils. But I haven't used it yet, it's battery powered so I have to let it charge.
  19. I am also looking for one of these.. Someone let me know if they have a certain one or if it even works.

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