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Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Joshmcmillan, May 24, 2013.

  1. I've been trying to do my research as I'm looking to purchase a nice vape pen online. I've got about $100 saved up, looking to spend around $60-100.
    I've seen offers on eBay (with trusted buyers) of a few well-known vaporizors. I saw an Atmos Raw Rx for $70 (dry herb). What are your guys opinions on the "Atmos Raw Rx".
    I'm looking for a good dry-herb vape pen, my friend has the MFLB (It's pretty nice, but looking for something a bit more easy to use and portable).
    Any suggestions on a pen under $100? Also, opinions on the "Atmos Raw Rx"

  2. Hey Josh, I'm into pen vapes as well and have been looking for good dry herb pens. If you find one please let me know and if its cool with u i'll post your findings in my vape pen thread (first link in sig)
    I have heard that vape pens really are more like electric pipes (they combust some of the material)
    Any info would be greatly appreciated, if u want can stop by my thread to as people have tried using the dry herb carts there.
  3. I have some of the Gentlemans Vapes dry herb cartridges for a standard 510 e-cig, it's like WaxPayne says, more of an electric pipe.
    I've never seen a pen that actually vapes, most people report combustion.
    If you really want to vape go for the MFLB or Arizer Solo.
  4. I like the mflb. It just doesn't have the portability I'm looking for; it's not as convenient. Most reviews and videos I've seem, if you get the correct pen, and know how to use it, it can vape. But I've also seen its easy to combust as well. Still needing to decide..
  5. maybe the pax would interest you, it's not a pen , but it's sleek like a pen and very portable , but expensive.
  6. Try the Puffit, Solo , DaVinci or PaX . Can't go wrong with either really .
  7. Yeah I've seen all of those, just all a bit too expensive. Still looking!
  8. I can't really recommend anything cheaper that actually functions as a solid vaporizer and not an electric pipe. They are pricey as compared to rolling a joint , but an ounce is $200 if you aren't growing you're own and costs even more when u buy little amounts at a time (20$/g in some places!)
  9. Yep! Here it's ridiculous, $20 a gram. But I'm pretty tight with a few friends so I'll normally get a solid 1.1 or 1.2 in a scale for 20. However I don't really like buying small bags like that, I'd perfer to buy larger quantities at a time. Eighth are 45-60, quarters 85-110, halfs 175-200. My man connect throws pretty good deals I'm satisfied with, Atleast for the area I'm in (east coast US).
  10. I found a few portable vapes recently, they both seem to be very good from the reviews and actually vape, not combust.
    no2 portable vape, and iolite vape. Anyone know anything about these?
    Leaning towards no2, haven't seen a single bad review, only $90-100 on eBay.
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    From what Ive read on FC and here; Arizer Solo beats both the Vapir No2 amd the iolite whispr. PAX amd DaVinvi do too. Not saying they're bad by any means but i had this same issue not too long ago trying to find the right portable..im now awaiting the Ascent.
  12. Go with the Vapor Cone Elite then. 
  13. Anyone know of a pen made for combustion specifically? Would like to ditch the pipe and lighter unless anyone recommends a super awesome pipe
  14. As far as the NO2 goes, i have one. It works pretty well honestly, the temperature control is definitely a big plus. It doesn't really compare to my pax, but for the price range i'd recommend it. I can't really speak for the Arizer solo though. 

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