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  1. I'm hoping someone can point me the way to a cheap dry herb pen.  I'm not necessarily looking for 100% vape powers, I just want a portable pen i can smoke my dry herb with.  Ive seen the Atmos pen and the G-pen from Grenco Science, and also a dry her kit by dabstix.  Looking for something under 100$.

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    I also am looking into getting a dry herb vape pen, i found a cheap one that looks pretty decent for the price. Check out the link http://shop.420accessory.com/DRY-HERB-ATOMIZER-42009.htm /its only 16.99$ and they also carry a charger for 5$ and a batterie for 15$. Check out the youtube review on it
  3. You can get an mCig, they're $10. They're a bit unreliable, but the company behind them is very good, great customer service. Mine arrived DOA and they're sending me a new one - free of charge, no questions asked.
  4. Even though you mentioned you didn't need something with 100% vape efficiency to smoke your dry herb in, you capped your budget at under $100, meaning that you could potentially take a look at the Magic Flight Launch Box. I realize it's not a pen, and looks a bit funny and unwieldy at first since it's a small wooden box with a battery jammed inside, but it vapes the product pretty damn well, with minimal smell. I use mine constantly to vape while on my commute, when not many people are sitting in the same subway car as me. Buying them from the manufacturer will run you about $120, but a quick look on eBay and you can find them pretty consistently for $80. Best part is you can save the vaped weed and smoke it later. A joint packed with vaped weed gets me pretty toasted. Sent from my RM-820_nam_att_100 using Tapatalk

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