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Dry Herb Pen Vape

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Negligence, Jan 22, 2013.

  1. I'm new to the whole vape idea in general. Been smoking the classic bowl, bong, or blunt for a few years. I like the idea of a personal portable easy to conceal pen style vape and so far I have come down to these possible choices.

    Atmos Raw (arguably not a true vape because a lot of people toss the mesh and thus allowing the coil to come in contact with the herb burning it all up)

    Pax by Ploom (don't know a whole lot about this one)

    Trippy Stick (Everything I read is about the one that uses the oils however I was looking at the one they have that uses dry herb)

    Just wanted to get some opinions from those who have used these.
    Worth the money over traditional smoking methods?
    Does it still smell strong like you're burning dry herb?
    Is it something you can easily just load in the morning and carry around in your pocket for the day?
  2. Has nobody used these?
  3. atmos raw will burn any dry product you put in it, but works well with concentrates. the pax isn't a pen shape, but is still quite portable. It has gotten pretty good reviews (check fuckcombustion.com) but is still a relatively new product, so reliability might be an issue. the trippy stick is a modified e-cig and is used with oils (pretty sure you can't use dry flowers at all). Another option is the thermovape, but check fuckcombustion since there's a review thread on every vaporizer you can imagine.

    Vaporizers are absolutely worth the money, especially if you smoke a lot. However, unless you get into concentrates, vapes aren't terribly discrete. Flower vapes still smell like weed (although not as strongly as smoke), and you will usually exhale a visible cloud. Weed lasts longer in a vape, but definitely won't last all day if you're hitting it with any frequency. A concentrate vape on the other hand, depending on use, may only need to be loaded once every few weeks.
  4. I was afraid of that. I can't really get the oils cause I'm not in a "green" state. Think I'll just have to play around with them a bit and find something I like.

    Thanks for the reply.
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    I love vapes I have a vega Vape portable pen and it works wonders saves a ton of weed and gets you stoned and is a good cheaper model I have also used the pax and it is the same just higher class a little bit better Vape overall and would recommend both and smell hasn't been to big a issue for me it has some smell but it is different my friends say that it smells like burnt popcorn after you use it
  6. i need a pen, that will not stink up my room or travel outside of my room.
    my biggest concern is the smell. i understand that coming in contact with an odorless pen is impossible. but i want something that i can at least control the smell, having it not stink up my room, when someone walks in they smell it. or have it leak outside of my room. i have door draft stoppers on the bottom of my door covering the gaps. 
    so what pen can help me with this. 
    It's usually not the pen but the waxes or tinctures you're putting into it that smell. Think about it this way; the bigger clouds you blow, the more it's going to smell. But vapors dissipate pretty quickly. Also waxes tend to give off little smell but there are some that just reek.
  8. Well this thread went knkow'freed'in where??
                   fine some'one like the pax..or some'such ...HOW LONG DEW THE heating chamber's LAST????
  9. Look into ceramic atomizers, they have a lot of different styles and types but basically fit your standard 510 ecig battery.
  10. In my opinion the best pen on the market is the Micro Vaped Titan, the only thing is, it does herbs as well as waxs. If you are looking for a herbs only vape, i'd personally recommend the T-Vape.

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