Dry Herb Desktop Vape VS Dry Herb Vape Pen

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  1. HIGH Everyone! I read a lot of the posts but I figured I'd make my own to get a response more for me as well an accurate answer since companies make new products every other season.

    SO.....I haven't owned much products. I currently have Dr. Dabber for the obvious dabs and a small bubbler with dry herb adapter and one of those FTP pipes. I feel like I got that wax covered and happy but I need replacing of the ceramic heating part that I twisted to hard and broke off but I will buy eventually again and I use a vape pen and buy Alpine Cartridges which I am happy with for on the go.

    BUT sometimes wax is hard to come by or just have to travel to far for it or they are just sold out. Dry herb is a lot easier for me to get and sometimes I feel in the back of my mind vaping dry herb would be more...natural? as it takes all the nutrients without combustion. I have vaped dry herbs few times in high school with a buddies vape that looked very old school box but shit it got me high, and a bong for my first time getting high with northern lights.....at the same time my tolerance was not at all as it is now when since I was introduced to wax.

    If someone is needs to know why i'm smoking for a better accurate answer. I work in real estate(stressful job) while I suffer from depression as well. I medicate to keep me calm, I don't snap on friends and family around me and I have a smile on my face back to myself again, helps a lot for sleeping to.. as I toss and turn a lot.

    ------^^^---background---^^^----- UP
    ----vvvvv------what i'm looking for-----vvvvv----DOWN

    I would like a desktop vape or portable pen one. I feel one with a whip I believe its called?(tube) would be good for me but i'm not to opposed to one using a bag. But if their is one versatile that I can use with a bong, whip etc would be nice to.

    I'm really BIG on convenience as well since I travel a lot that's why I use the vape wax pen. I'm just afraid my tolerance would be too high sometimes and vaping dry herbs wouldn't do the job. There is sometimes I just need that head high and times where I need that skull numb feeling lol which is where I go the wax direction.

    Is there a dry herb vape pen that does the same job as a desktop vape? (maybe a pen that can be plugged in as well or something)
    Is there a dry herb vape pen that I can use with a bong? (I will eventually buy a cool looking one with percs and all that stuff since I never had one)

    I'm honestly torn between so many products now and days and I would hate to get the wrong thing as they all have their own pros and cons "this one does this and has that but this one doesn't but has this type thing".
    PLEASE HELP and give me a a better direction I've seen countless YouTube reviews where they are just getting high and not really reviewing the product. I want something made well no cheap common occurrences of breaking or w.e.

    I'm not looking at price tags but I'm aware of volcano and I just think its a little crazy 500$+ for ONE vaporizer but I have read nothing but good things about it..maybe a portable volcano? does that exist? I honestly wouldn't mind buying a desktop one that's reliable and long lasting and well a portable version so I have both BUT if their a really good pen then I don't see the need for a desktop version. Fire is out! Vape is in! (no pun) =)

    Thank you so much in advance sorry for the book!!!
  2. What's up bro, I've been vaping for a couple years now, I have the Volcano and the Pax 3, both top of the line vapes. Here's the deal, portably vapes are cool and you can take them anywhere, but they just don't get you high like a desktop unit would. If you're gonna be smoking up in one location mostly, look for a desktop vape. Volcano is one of the best and one of the most expensive but that doesn't mean it's the only one that works. If you're looking for a desktop unit a little less pricey check out Da Bhudda, Arizers line of towers, or an EasyVape. All three are reputable companies that produce great vapor. If you are looking top of the line, volcano offers the best vapor quality around, but also check out the Herbalizer. Heats up in 8 seconds compared to a few minutes from the volcano and can use a bag or whip while the volcano uses bag only. Gotta say though I'm impartial to my Volcano I paid a ton for it and it's been worth every penny. That thing is incredible. If you do decide to go portable top of the line would be the Pax 3, Firefly 2, Davinci iQ, or any vape made by storz and bickel (Plenty, Mighty, Crafty). Storz and Bickel are the makers of he volcano so you know their other shit has gotta be good too. For a cheaper starter option, check out the magic flight launch box. Tiny as hell and a great way to delve into the vaping world. G pen also sells some cheap dry herb pens. Pens just can't get you to 11 like any desktop can though. Happy searching man

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  3. Damn I forgot about this post lol, thank you for answering. I think I will do a volcano for home and thinking about getting this new portable Ghostvape MV1 for on the go when it is available! thanks for your input much appreciated!!
  4. The concept of Vaping is nothing new. We usta put bud in a test tube, with a cork on one end.. and heat the outside with a lighter..

    To answer your question, I agree with Poppyhead420 that the Volcano is the best desktop vape on the market.
    I own an Iolite and Pax, but find that I like the buzz much better from an old school bowl. I find that if I want the convenience of Vaping, I prefer using an Oil Pen. Batteries are cheap, and just screw together. No reloading, cleaning, can leave in your glovebox for a month, pull out and just draw...

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